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Contacting us

So you want to tell us something. Well, that is fine and nice, and I hope to see your comments about broken links, broken text formatting, especially slow parts of the site, and things like that, so that I can make the site even better. :-)

  - Lytha

.... But there is no reason at all to send your questions about the game (in the case that you are stuck and want a personalized walkthrough for yourself) to the owner of this site. You can ask your questions in the TTLG forum (this is just an example for a Thief-related forum out there, there are definitely other forums too which are even better). If TTLG is down once again, there is no reason why you shouldn't just email Digital Nightfall or Saam - both of them won't be happy about your questions about the downtimes of TTLG just as I wasn't happy to receive them neither, but both of them are actually the correct people to pester with that kind of emails. There is also no reason not to visit just another Thief-related forum, as i.e. the Forum, which contains many nice and friendly people and has definitely less downtimes than TTLG.

If you are one of the people who think that the owner of this site here was the perfect adress to send some strategy or gameplay stories to, or if you are one of the people who think that the owner of this site was happy to read your corrections about the *preliminary* pages for Thief II, then we have to disappoint you. So, don't send us such kind of emails.

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