A site should have a possibility to contact the owner of it. So, this is the possibility to contact me.

This is not an invitation to send me any Spam, Newbie-Questions (that are already covered in the Newbie-FAQ), Technical Issues (that are already covered in the FAQ about Thief), Questions about Strategy (that are already covered in the sections 'Lytha way', Newbie-FAQ, FAQ about Thief, or in the Strategies for the T2 Demo), pubertic rantings, or other fancy individual coming-outs to this email adress. It is already quite well-filtered, and I don't hesitate to filter it even better.

The general best place to post any questions are in the TTLG Forums, not any emails to the owners of any fan-sites about a game.

So, don't expect any answers to emails that you write to this email-adress, if you send any of the points above at it.

If you think that you have a really new and inventive question/idea/remark/comment, and if you don't think that the TTLG Forums are a better place to post them, then feel free to use the following email adress:

Beate 'Lytha' Gerwin: lytha@lytha.com

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