Bunny dreams...

  ( \_/ )

If things go smoothy, we will have a rudimentary formatter available soon. If things go even smoothier, my data collection phase will start rolling now... finally after the 1 year long pause. But if things develop as I fear, there will be a short backleash again early next year. And post-surgery recovery is not really my thing.

Inconsistent and irritating? Maybe. Does it matter? I don't think so. Anything else to add? A lot, but I would not find the words.

Well... lets go ahead and survive this winter.

In the mean time, read this here.

Or just have a look at this here.

~Lytha, 2. November 01

Dear Reader,

I have not updated this site for a very long time now, and I think that I won't be able to do many updates soon due to my final exams. I am pondering at the moment, however, to write down my personal sequel of Correspondence of Thieves (CoT), which you can find on the Circle. I have not been part of the CoT II team because we decided that we should better choose different paths, but still a story shaped in my mind, including the dawn of the metal age and the arrival of a character from a different story of me, Saneth.

I would write it mainly for my own entertainment, and it is not at all related to the events of the official sequel to CoT that should soon be published on the Circle. And I am not sure how the other characters that are linked to it because of the events in CoT would like it to appear in this different timeline. But it might be a useful distraction for me at the moment for the spare moments of leisure time.

How does it come that I have all of the sudden this idea after that long silence...

After the events that will be known in history now as 91101, I went through various forums on the search for a place where I could talk with other people about my thoughts and worries about the change in the world politics. I also went to the TTLG Forums, because I wanted to see how the people there spoke about the events.

While I decided not to stay there for a political chat, I saw some topics about CoT and about Thief that reminded me of the story that I shaped in my mind about one year ago and about how much fun it was to play Thief, and to exploit the Dark Engine a bit. I even took the Thief II: The Metal Age out of my shelp and placed it into my CD-Rom a while ago for the first time in about 1.5 years. I arrived now at the Bank and I don't quite look forward to that mission because I recall it as a tedious and time consuming mission.

~ Lytha, 26. September 2001