First Part: Eeny-Meeny-Moo Triangle

Now back to the Lost City spider problem.

The Eeny-Meeny-Moo Triangle

What you see here is a view of the triangle with all in the "0 direction". It should already become obvious that their vision areas (from the butt-ends) makes it a must that you leave the river before the waterfall - or Eeny and Meeny will be set off (plus, on the mantling-trip, you will make a lot of noise.)

First approximation of the vision fields of the trio

This was my first assumption about the vision areas of the spiders. It turned out though that the "path between Moo and the other two" was not so easily. I had to resort to crate-nudging to make this path viable.

Moo is moved to the side.

I nudged him all the way into the shadow at the cave wall. Then, the path was clear.

I am across the river.

I took my crate with me, since Fluffy, Puffy and Mommy were still in the original positions.

It is important, when jumping and mantling near AI, that you release the jump key before he is done with the mantle. Then he makes no noise. Anyway, the first part of the Spider Puzzle was now over.

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