The Problem and the Tools

First of, a quick definition of "Ghosting".

"Ghosting" means, that the player has to be so sneaky that no AI ever gets into the Alerted Mode. As soon as a Guard raises his sword and starts searching for you, the Ghost is busted (that means, in other words: you must reload). If he goes only "Hm? Something there?" or "Musta been rats." it is only an "Alert 1", and that is okay.

Spiders count as "alerted" and as hence as a "bust", if they start to raise their first two legs and search around. If they come to you and bite off your toes, it is a bust anyway.

Alright. Lost City has spiders infront of the Entrance of the Ancient Section. These spiders are placed in a way that the problem can be split into 3 sections:
  1. The three right of the Waterfall
  2. The single one left of the Waterfall
  3. The two little ones and the fat one on the way in.

Behind the fat one, there are more spiders to the right, but there is not really a reason why the player should go there at all (no loot, no shortcut unless you are planning to use a speed potion.)

Well. As a true indicator that I spent too much time with this puzzle, I gave the spiders names.
  1. Shall be known as Eeny, Meeny and Moo
  2. Is Spiffy
  3. Are Fluffy, Puffy and Mommy

The tools given to the player at this stage of the mission are luckily scarce. There are some potions from the shop, the papyrus of Gervaisius, some goblets, and 5 crates from the City.

The Tools

I went ahead and brought all the crates down to the caves - but it turned out that one crate was enough. Well, before I describe the solution of the three puzzles, I will make a step to the methods that I used and a scientific approach to the stationary, unalerted Spider.

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