Getting through a Closed Door

The test object is this door of Constantine's Mansion. Yes. The door is unlocked, so it would be easy to walk through it in a normal manner, but this is not the point of interest here.

Why this door? It is metal (wooden doors are more difficult metal ones), it has a wooden frame, and it has a doorframe. Plus, there are environmental sounds around so that it isn't all too boring during the experiment.

As it is already known from general keyholing, we will approach the door now, chosing the left way. Because a rope arrow is needed, it helps to be crouched for the first keyholing maneuvre.

The wriggle for the keyholing...

Leaning through the keyhole from a crouched position. So far, it was a standard keyholing. Now comes the innovative part.

Looking up. You see the door behind your head, by the way.

Now ready your bow and pull down the string. (Well, you know the routine...) This is a rope arrow here. You are looking up 100%, now lower the aiming rectangle for one size down, and the arrow should be placed as it is needed for this door. You want it, in this particular case, just barely be stuck in the outer side of the doorframe.

Like this. Leave the keyhole now by releasing the various lean keys that you were holding (you were holding a lean left and a lean forward key, weren't you.)

Now do the second keyholing maneuvre, this time from a standing position. Still a left-sided one.

Wriggling, and aiming for the door - you will get the drill of the keyholing after a few retries. Change the area you aim for if you have problems to keyhole this door here.

Notice the difference of the point of view through the door? Excellent.

Now comes a tricky part. You do not want to lean completely through this keyhole, or grabbing the rope will be a problem (maybe resulting in several rather funny deaths at the opposite wall or the beds). Use the strafe keys to lean just to the point where the outer texture of the door disappears and it looks so nicely completely black. I was strafing slightly to the left here on this picture. Make some experiments with doors in general if that sounds weird for you at the moment.

Now strafe towards the rope arrow, keep the keyholing at the point where the outer texture is gone.

Well done! Now center the rope, and jump (note: this is another opportunity for sudden funny deaths.)

So, you are now at the rope arrow. The point of view of the balcony has changed dramatically (you are hanging at the rope arrow, so you are higher than normal. It may not look dramatically changed on this screenshot, but you will feel it immediately when it was a success.)

Turn happily around so that you face the rope again, think of a good position to jump off the rope without getting stuck in the door, and off you go.

Here is a view of the rope arrow from outside.

Well, and while we are here, this door just opposite of the balcony looks all too inviting, doesn't it?