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The version of this FAQ is 0.6.


What is this?

This is a collection of frequently asked questions, matching answers and general hints for the computer games "The Dark Project: Thief", its Gold Edition and "Thief: The Metal Age". (And anything else that might be related).

What is this not?

This FAQ contains neither dromed specific questions, nor cheating stuff. The reasons are simply: I don't know anything about the dromed (of course, I have played around and have built a tutorial room with a Murus, a Guard, a Haunt, and a golden skull as objective, but that means not that I knew anything.) And I despise cheaters so much that I add of course nothing for them in my FAQ.


This is a private effort, provided as a service to the public. For now, please don't contact us on this yet. If you want to ask further questions or discuss things, please do so in the TTLG discussion forums.
Warning: I used sometimes the dark and evil thing named "sarcasm" and sometimes even the wicked thing named "irony". Be prepared for humour.

Spoiler Warning

Exploration, Riddles and finding out things for yourself is fun. By reading certain parts of this FAQ, especially the missions section, you spoil some of the fun. Proceed at your own discretion :)


Looking Glass Studios, makers of Thief and other games like 'System Shock', 'Flight Unlimited'.
'Through the Looking Glass' A bunch of nice guys (at least the few of them who I know are nice). Fans of Thief, and owners of


The Authors of this FAQ are Lytha and GreyMouser.

Legal Babble

Thief - The Dark Project is a trademark of Looking Glass Studios. This site was created by Lytha and GreyMouser.

Whoever commits theft of any content of this site without written permission of any of the authors, gets (a) a whack on the knoggin', and will (b) learn that a bounty is placed on his head.

Seriously, don't quote without permission of any of the two authors.


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