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Walkthrough for the Thief II Demo

If you are new to this, then purchase 2 gas arrows, 10 water arrows, and 2 healing potions - that is, if you don't mind to use gas arrows in tricky situations here and then.

This mission is extremely non-linear, so feel free to choose your own way through it, too. But if you should have lost the orientation completely, this walkthrough may help you to get yourself back. :)

1.)   The SE: Bell-Tower, Master Willey's Manor

Head to the N, cross the wooden beam to the NE, and get the 2 water arrows from the water. Avoid getting seen by the stationary Guard in the N and approach him via the ledge in the E. Once you are close enough, douze his torch. Then either mantle on his roof, or shoot a rope arrow into the wooden railing left of the Guard, and mantle up there. Hide yourself next to one of the wooden pillars, and wait that the Archer has his back turned. Get his arrow (pickpockets 1 of 27). Follow him down the stairs, and hide yourself in the perfect shadowy corner in the N. When he is going up the stairs again, hurry to the house in the E, get the broadhead arrows from the chest, and crouch through the room to the E. You can hide yourself at best in one of the corners of railing of the next roof.

Wait that the Archer is again on his way to the stationary Guard, and then hop to the ledge in the N. You can enter a small room with a sleeping Servant here. Get his loot (pickpockets 2 of 27), don't pull the switch unless you want to have a short Kung Fu intermezzo with the Servant, and leave again through the window. When you run + mantle, you can get back to the roof where the Archer is on patrol eventually.

Mantle on one of the pipes, and enter the next roof in the E. Hop down to the next one, and from there to the next, until you reached a roof with an open window in the W (Master Wiley's Manor, I presume). Ignore this open window for now, and hop over the street on the ledge in the S. This ledge can either get you to the streetfight (if you follow it to the W), or into the house in the S. Ignore the streetfight for now, and enter the room with the sleeping Archer.

You can't steal the arrow from the sleeping Archer because of some strange reasons, so either make him unconcious to get the arrow, or ignore this pickpocket (pickpockets 3 of 27). Unlock the chests (this will not wake up the Archer), and get the loot and the flashbombs.

A strange but useful way to get this pickpocket is to wake up the Archer, to wait that he calmed down again while sitting on the ladder, and then to sneak up to his floor, and to steal his arrow.

Then proceed down the ladder, and take care when you jump off the ladder, because this will make some noises. Then hide in one of the 2 shadowy corners, and wait that the Guard enters the room. Follow him when he leaves, until you see a ladder to the left. Head up. The Archer at the top of this ladder idles around - if you are lucky, he will have his back turned to you before the patrol pattern of the Guard leads him to your position. If you are unlucky, hide yourself in the niche atop of the ladder. Don't forget to get the loot from the feet of the statue also. The arrow from the Archer is pickpocket 4 of 27. Leave the house as you came in (trail the patroling Guard until you reach the ladder), climb up, and hop over the street to the roof in the N. This time, enter the open window to the W.

Things are easier now if you just douze the blue flame in the 2nd room with a water arrow. Then sneak to the door behind this Guard - in the room at the top of the stairs is a healing potion. Get it, and head back to the room with the Guard, the barrels, and the beams in the ceiling. Climb to the top of one of the beams either via a barrel or a rope arrow, head to the NE, and hack your way free to the Stargazer's room (this will alert the Guard in the deeper floor, but he can't hurt you up here). Frob everything that you can find, and look out for secret doors that suddenly open after you frobbed something. Get the Sunburst Device and the firearrow (secrets 1 of 4), read the diary, and continue through the opening in the E (push away the crates if necessary).

2.)   The Shemenov Estate

Climb down the ladder, mantle on the table, and open the window to the N.

From the window, you can douze the torch in the NW. Make it so, and then head to the room in the W. Get the loot and the equipment, and then follow the Guard who patrols here until you can climb on the chimney (behind the chimney is a perfect shadow so that you don't have to hurry.) Douze the fire down the chimney, and climb down the ladder. You are now in the Shemenow Estate.

Try not to get the Servant into the searching-mode, and leave the kitchen (to make this easier, douze the torch). Wait in the shadowy compartment under the stairs (don't forget to grab the healing potion from the 2nd chest) until the Guard is again on his way up, and then shoot a rope arrow into the beam over the tapestry ahead of you. Slash the tapestry open, and get the loot from the chest (secrets 2 of 4). Then find another perfect shadow, and wait again that the Guard comes back and goes away again. Because on the roof of this building is only an Archer with his face turned towards you, you may want to get this pickpocket later - after you have visited the Tower.

So, just head back into the kitchen, and climb up the chimney again. Sure, the jump over to the roof in the W is easier from the balcony where the stationary Archer is positioned (this one has no arrow). But this would mean that you had to get rid of the two enemies firstly. So, jump from the roof of the Shemenov Estate to the balcony in the W. Climb up the ladder, and listen to the conversation between Lord Frederick 'Snookums' Juniper Rothchild III. and his wife Lady 'Pumpkin'.

3.)   The SW: Apartements, Streetfight, Fieldstone Estate

Then open the metal gate W of Lord 'Snookums' (there is a switch right of the metal gate), and shoot a rope arrow into the wooden surface in the shaft of this building. Climb up, and mantle yourself into the metal vent.

The ladder infront of you is one of the most troublesomes in this demo. Try to jump at it, and when you jump off it, make sure that you fall onto the small wooden ledge. Of slide down directly through the hole instead of trying to climb down like a cilized person would do.

Once on the wooden ledge, you should hurry like a maniac over the pipe to the roof in the S. Because it is most likely that the patroling Guard in the house in the E has noticed you at this time, head to the hole in the floor - but don't fall into the hole for now, because you would encounter a very angry Spider in there.

Instead, shoot a rope arrow into the wooden surface at the broken sides of the hole, and climb on the rope. If you stay high enough, the Spider can't reach you; and because you are in a perfect shadow now, it will loose your track after a while. Once it is back at its previous position, climb down to get the loot and the arrows. Then leave with another rope arrow shot into the beam.

Destroy the window, and wait that everyone calmed down again. Then enter the house in the E. This house has 3 rooms and 2 chests. There is also a Guard facing your direction in the center room. Because in the 2nd chest (in the room in the very N) are only some flares (and you don't need flares anyway), skip trying to get them. Instead, hurry in, open the chest in the center room, get the loot, and leave again as you came in (and as quickly as possible). The Guards won't follow you through the window, so wave goodbye at them, and head back to the pipe in the N.

Get back to the wooden ledge with a rope arrow, and head W then. This leads you to the Fieldstone Estate, but be careful when you enter, because there are two Guards on patrol out there. Snatch the key and the arrow (pickpockets 6 of 27), and head to the entrance of the Estate in the W. Either pick the lock or open it with your new key, and hurry in when the Guard in there has his back turned. Follow him and get all the loot, then head back out.

Head now to the S to get the loot (+ the pickpockets from the area around the streetfight. You can avoid getting seen by the stationary Swordguard S of the Fieldstone Estate when you head directly into the shadow left of his roof. He won't follow you neither to the deeper roof in the E. Head to the E until you find the stairs to the wooden building E of the streetfight, and get the loot from it. The argument between the 4 Archers will start now.

If you think that you want to try to get all the pickpockets, this is the perfect moment to distract them from their differencies: Get their attention, and later try to get all the 4 pickpockets. Otherwise, you don't have a chance to get a perfect final statistic in this mission - but trying to sneak behind the Archers in red without alerting them and the Archers in purple is truely a difficult task. ;)

Otherwise, just climb to the roof of the wooden building in the E of the streetfight, and watch the battle. Then, depending on which party has won, try to get behind them to snatch their arrows. (pickpockets (theoretically) 10 of 27).

In the apartement S of the Archers in purple is a purse. Make it yours, and leave this area and head back to the SW. Cross the Fieldstone Estate and head towards the N.

4.)   Center: The Necromancer's Spire

Stay on the wooden roofs in the E, because you don't want to go to the Armory rightnow (you don't have the key, yet). Find the balconies of the Apartements, and climb down to the deepr one - at best without alerting anyone. In a good moment, head up the stairs, and hide yourself in the shadowy niche. You can hurry into the room with the Thief to steal the two pieces of loot without alerting any of the two Thiefs. Hurry back out, and if you are evil, then let the door open - this gives the Guard the opportunity to kill the Thief inside of the house...

Head into the deepest floor of this building. Behind the old crates is an opening in the wall that will lead you to the easiest way into the Necromancer's Spire. In the hallway is a piece of loot. Get it, and jump into the window.

Frob the book, and push the button that moves the elevator up. You will see now a second elevator platform. Hop onto it, and press the button that moves the platforms down (secrets 3 of 4). Get everything, and head back up.

Get the higher elevator platform down to your level, and move into the highest floor of the tower. Get the loot, and hop on the table with the Book of Ash - this allows you to read the book without having to fear that the Zombies will whack you in your back (instead, you can watch them appearing nicely after you've read the book).

Hop back down, run past the Zombies to the window, and jump through it to the ledge. This ledge leads you back to Lord 'Snookums' window, where you can steal his purse through the window. Then follow the ledge to the NW.

5.)   The way to the Tower

Douze the torch ahead of you, so that you can more easily steal the arrow from the Archer on patrol here (pickpockets 11 of 27). In the 2nd floor NW of you are 2 firearrows.

Then head to the stairs that lead you to the building in the N. Wait in the shadow at the wall until the Archer is on his way to the small tower in the W, and then head into the house. In the room in the very W of it is a vase. Get it, and jump through the window to the N.

Destroy the center window in this roof, shoot a rope arrow into the windowframe (as close to the table down there as you can), climb down, and get the loot. Ignore the commotion, climb back up, and mantle back to the roof.

You can either enter the bank now, or continue your way to the Tower. I recommend that you wait with the bank for now.

Cross the street to the N via the small metal bridge, and reach the Greenhouse area. In the Greenhouse are several arrows and a small Spider. Just hurry in, get what you came for, and hurry back out. The Spider is not able to open the door.

E of the ladder is an open window. Shoot a rope arrow into the beam over it, and climb up. Get the healing potion from the stationary Guard (pickpockets 12 of 27), get the loot, and head back out.

Now climb up the ladder, avoid the Guard who patrols in this building, and enter the first room to the left. In this chest with the very well-crafted lock is some loot. Once you have the loot, head back to the hallway. Trail the Guard to the N, and jump out of the window.

Jump to the roof to the left, find the ladder, climb up, and jump to the Tower. When you follow the ladders at this side of the Tower, you will finally find the open window to the Ballroom. Listen to the conversation between Priest and Guard, and enter the Ballroom.

6.)   The Tower: Ballroom

Enter the Ballroom through the window. If you are careful enough, the Guard won't notice you at this time. Get the Wine, hop over the table, and take care all the time that you stay on the wooden surface close to the wall.

Shoot a moss arrow on the floor between you and the single Noblewoman, and get her purse. Then head to the door of the ballroom and pull the lightswitch. Continue in a clockwise direction and get the purse of the single Nobleman. The purse of the Noblewoman who stands in plain light in the E of the Ballroom is a difficult task: It is very likely that you will alert everyone when you approach her.

If you should create a commotion, mantle on one of the sofas in the NE of the Ballroom. The NPCs won't notice you when you are sitting up there, waiting that the commotion comes to an end.

Once you have either decided that it is too difficult for you, or once you have all the purses from the Ballroom, head to the door to the stairs and head down (pickpockets (theoretically) 15 of 27).

7.)   Looting the 8th floor

If you are an unlucky person, the Guards in the 8th floor are quite jumpy now, because they heard the commotion in the Ballroom. Otherwise, you can sneak through the hallways quite easily, because there are lots of shadowy corners as good as everywhere.

To get the items from the library, enter the room through the door ahead of you. Stay in the shadow right of the 2nd door, and sneak as carefully as you can to the table with the goblets. Try also to get the purses from the two Noblepeople (pickpockets 17 of 27).

If you didn't alert everyone, hide again in the shadow at the door that leads you directly to the Office. Wait there that the Priest passes by and snatch his key (pickpockets 18 of 27). Then leave the library as unseen as possible, and head to the hallway to the W. Loot the rooms from this hallway, snatch the purse from the Nobleman with the voice of a Servant and the key from the Guard on patrol (pickpockets 20 of 27), and get the key to the Armory.

In the hallway in the W is a statue. Press the left eye of it, and the last secret will become accessible (secrets 4 of 4). Looting the locked rooms with the vault is possible with a good timing of your actions with the patrol pattern of the Guard - looting the kitchen is possible by running when the Mechservant has his back turned.

This is the perfect opportunity to visit the roof of the Tower. Get the climbable items from the kitchen (and if you want to visit also the very top of the Tower, get yourself lots of additional crates from the City), and pile them up in the bedroom of the Nobleman with the voice of a Servant. Use the climbable items plus some run+mantlings to reach the roof, and use the additional crates (once you have them on the roof) to reach the very roof of the Tower). Be careful, because there are two Guards up there.

Once you have grabbed every loot and reached every area, it is time to get the Mechanist' Schematics.

8.)   Getting the Mechanist' Schematics and getting out alive

Get the attention of the Guard who stands infront of the office. Let him chase you through the kitchen, and all around the hallways, until you reach the door to the office again. Unlock it with the key from the Priest (this is the blue key), run in, press the button at the desk, and get the scroll from the vault behind you. This action will set off the alarm, but that shouldn't bother you, because you got already the attention of most of the Guards with the mad chasing part anyway.

Now most likely several Mechanists are entering the office. Run past them, dodge their attacks, and head to the kitchen. Enter the fireplace (mantle on the wall behind the fires), and hop at the ladder.

Follow the ladders until you reach the way out. You are now at the E of the Tower, close to the drunken Guards.

9.)   The way to the Bank

Follow the roofs until you find the drunken Guards. Avoid getting zapped by the Guard, and head to the S.

If you are a little bit weird, then take a real save at this time, and stack the bottles of the drunkards, until you can reach the roof in the E. From this roof, you can visit the 'no-no'-area in the very N of the map. In lower difficulties, you can also reach the streets in the N from here, but it is as good as impossible (if youu didn't throw several climbable items down to the streets in the N) to get back to the roofs. Enjoy the view, and then reload.

This roof will lead you to the suite of Lady Louisa. Enter it, and wait on the top of one of her sofas that the commotion stops. Then get the purse of the Noblewoman (pickpockets 21 of 27), the vase, and leave through the window in the S.

The Bank is now SW of your position, but I recommend that you firstly get the 2 pickpockets from the Archers in the E and on the roof of the Shemenov Estate. To get the pickpocket from the Archer on the balcony E of the bank, shoot a moss arrow at the floor behind him, then hop on the moss carpet. The Archer at the bank is too distant from your position to get even alerted. Leave the balcony to the S, mantle on the roof S of you, and get the arrow from the Archer there (pickpockets 23 of 27). Then head back to the roof SE of the bank.

Hop into the open window in the W, and reach the window that leads to the balcony of the bank. Avoid getting seen by the patroling Guard, shoot some moss arrows on the floor, and hop on the balcony to get the arrow from the Archer (pickpockets 24 of 27). The Guard will patrol to the left and the right of the balcony sometimes in a random pattern, so the balcony is surely not the best place to sit around. Once you have the arrow from the Archer, hop back into the window and wait and observe from up there.

Eventually, he will come close enough to your position that you can snatch his key (pickpockets 25 of 27).

Follow him when you think that you can. Next to the door to the balcony is a perfect shadow. Eventually, continue trailing him, and enter the office as quickly as possible. The Guard will not enter the office when you didn't get his attention. Pick the lock to the safe, and pull the switch. The vault is - sadly - in the room where the Guard patrols as good as all the time, so you may consider to use a gas arrow on him, if he really turns out to be a pain.

However, get the content of the vault, and leave the Bank through the window to the W. In the room S of the ledge, you will find fire- and waterarrows.

10.)   The way to the Armory

Head through the house in the S. If you are quick and lucky enough, you can make your way to the room with the cradle, on the table, out of the window, and into one of the shadows on the stairs without getting seen. Then enter the small tower on this roof, enter the 2nd level of it, and push the barrel to the S. Climb on the barrel, mantle on the outer wall, and jump to the roof in the S of you. This roof leads to the roof with the burglary. Cross it without getting seen, and hop into the window in the W.

Follow the corridor, it will lead you to the roof E of the Castle Carlysle. Mantle on the wall of the Castle, and douze at best all 4 torches. Because the floor is quite noisy here, you may also want to shoot some moss arrow on the floor.

Before you enter the Armory, you should get the last known piece of loot from behind the pipe in the N of the Castle. Then head back to the roof of the Castle, and get the arrows of the 2 creeps (pickpockets 27 of 27).

Head down the stairs, douze the torch at the door to the Armory, unlock it with your key, and a few seconds after you entered the Armory, the demo will end.

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