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copyright notice for my site

and Lytha's Thief Collection

All textual content on this website is copyright © 1999-2000 Lytha ( The screenshots are also copyrighted by me, Lytha. The backgrounds are not *g* - you own a copy of Thief: The Dark Project, do you?
Thief, The Dark Project, and all those other nice names are trademarks of Looking Glass Studios. In general: All trademarks are the properties of their respective owners. (That's what trademarks are for, after all.) It is pretty silly to state that, but lawyers are strange people...
"Theif" is not a trademark, but bad spelling.
If you want to link to my site, thank you - go ahead. NOTE: Putting my pages in your frames I consider theft of my content. Don't do that.
Act fair, taffers! Else you might find yourselves sniffing on a blackjack's end.