Third Part: Fluffy, Puffy & Mommy

Past Spiffy, the most time intense part of the puzzle was waiting. Fluffy, Puffy, and finally Mommy.

Fluffy, Puffy and Mommy

The trick is to slide down to this position without any noise, from then on, it's crate-nudging time. Think of "family reunition" while you are doing it. Fluffy and Puffy are twins... it is your task to fix the family problems of these cute three.

All the images (except one) are taken after I crate-nudged the little beasts a bit. I moved Fluffy and Puffy as a couple around once I had them reunited.

First, Fluffy to Puffy

Then both together towards Mommy


Mommy gets pushed a bit back too (for convenience)

Family reunited.

Well yes. This position of the family allowed me easily to get past them (to the left, no reason to move to the right), and to move back out after I was done with the mission.

Solved and out.

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