Spiders in Thief are cute and fluffy. As long as they are stationary, and positioned by a mission designer who does not know what he is doing.

Anyway. On my Ghosting-Tough through Thief Gold, I came to the infamous problem zone: The Spiders of Lost City. The spiders caused everyone to fail the ghost.

I decided to be dedicated to this task, spent a few days with it, and I finally managed to solve it. In a way that can be replicated easily, it is a way that does not require maneuvres with "1 of a million"-probabilities.

The following links lead to illustrated descriptions of the maneuvre, and to more screenshots from my Ghosting Trip (the first successful Ghost of this level ever.)

The Problem and the Tools
Knowing the Enemy - Arachnologia
Knowing your Methods - Crate-Nudging
First Part: Eeny-Meeny-Moo Triangle
Second Part: Spiffy
Third Part: Fluffy, Puffy & Mommy

Feel free to roam around as you like. I made "next"-links for a Guided Tour.

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