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The Dark Project: Thief

About the game in general


There are two versions versions of The Dark Project: Thief, the original release (released winter 1998) and the Gold Edition (released autumn/winter 1999). The Gold Edition contains three more missions, Thieves Guild, The Mages Tower, and Song of the Caverns. Click here to read more about download of demos and patches. For Thief 2: The Metal Age is an alpha demo available, and there will probably be a Thief 3. :)

How do I get started in Thief2demo? My copy came without instructions

In the Thief 2 folder/directory on your harddisk, there is a file called readme.wri, containing some basic information. This should get you started. Also bookmark this site :)

Basic Advice


Q:How do I mantle/climb?
A:Mantling (climbing walls and large objects) is accomplished /holding/ down the jump key in front of the object. This technique is essential to master the game.
Q: How can I move more silently?
A: Notice the fact that you have two keys for moving forward: The "run forward" and the "walk forward". So, the first point is of course: Use the walk forward to move more silently. The generell rule is: The slower you move, the more silently will be your foootsteps. Another helpful advice is here: If you crouch or if you press the "speed toggle"-key while moving, your footsteps will be even more silently. And the last point: When you carry an unconcious body or a corpse, your movement speed is decreased dramatically. Use this fact in combination with the speed toggle, the walk, and the crouching, and you can move even on the very noisy floor tiles in a perfect silence. This advice is for patched games, because before the patch the movement was not perfect silent then.

Basic Advice

other topics

Q: Why are there so many Undead?
A: Well, there are many Undead, indeed. But after you played the game for more than one time, you will notice that your antipathies against the Undead turn towards friendlier feelings. They add much to the atmosphere of the game, and therefore you will appreciate them as welcome diversity in the game.

Q: I went happily over the broken stairs in RTC, and suddenly I died. What happened?
A: This is a well-known bug in the game. It is named the "sudden heart attack"-syndrome, and happens if there are too many surfaces crossed and overlapping and whatnot in one single place of the map. It seems to happen, when the amount of polygons is too much for your computer, and it happens on many places (i.e. Lost City on the way to the arena-building, THC in the house with the air-potion in the 2nd floor, RTC on the broken stairs, Bonehoard on the broken stones close to the first Burrick.) This is, at least, how I remember the explanation of EvilSpirit (EvilSpirit = the nick of Tim Stellmach in the forums about this sudden heart attack-syndrome that he gave us in the gameforum a while ago.

Q: You're talking about N,W,E,S when giving directions?
A: N is North, W is West, E is East, and S is South. You can find the direction you're heading by using the Compass item. By default, the F9 key is assigned to show you the compass.

Ways to deal with the Opponents in Thief

Q: Can I kill a guard with only 1 arrow?
A: Yes. Most of the opponents can be killed with one single shot in the head. Wait a little before you release the arrow so that the shot has full strength. There are, of course, exceptions. I.e. Ramirez seems to need more shots before he dies, and the same with his Archers. Hammerites are also a tough target when you have only 1 arrow left - sometimes it kills them, sometimes not. It depends very much on their status of alertness, and of random. It is better, though, to avoid the guards instead of killing them. Better means in this case: More challenging and far more fun. :-)

Q: How can I kill a Zombie?
A: Zombies are immune against backstabbing or swordfights in generell. They can, though, be killed in many easy ways. Sleeping Zombies can be killed with only 1 holy water arrow. You can use fire arrows against them - aim at their former navel. You can use holy water arrows against them - shoot 2 holy water arrows in their face. You can blow them up with mines. You can flash them to death, because they don't like sudden bright lights in their eyes. You can avoid them - run, they are stupid and won't follow you far away. You can drown them - not so easy anymore after the patch, but still possible. You can convince them to fall into deep pits - this is a very time expensive way, and they won't die from the fall. To convince them that they shall fall down, you should stand at a ladder into this pit, and wait until they fall down. This can take some half an hours, but you learn much about their footsteps and about a useful way to use the F11 and the F12. Another typical way is the distraction: Get the attention of the Zombie, and then run into an area that crawls with life, i.e. the Keeper's Bridge in THC with Burricks and Spiders, or the stairs to the factory in Cragscleft with the 2 Hammerites. Hammerites are able to make Zombies explode when they swing their hammers, and when the random is on their side. To be confronted with regular life instead of Undead, is enough to enrage the Zombie so much that he will forget about you - when you are hiding yourself whilst the battle.
When attacked with normal weapons, the Zombie will fall asleep after a while - but most probably awaken after a short while again. Same is true for the attack with a thrown hammer. I have so far not been able to let a Zombie explode with a hammer, as the Hammerites do in some of the cases.

Q: How can I kill the other Undead?
A: The other Undead are the Sitting Skeleton in Cragscleft (shoot a broadhead in its skull while being in a shadow to the left. It will blow itself up). And the Hammer-Zombies in Bonehoard (even though they have a fancier appearance, they can nevertheless be killed same as the Zombies.) And the Haunts in many maps (Use fire arrows, mines, flashbombs, lots of holy water arrows, lots of broadhead arrows, or backstab them). And the Apparitions in THC and RTC (backstab and one additional hit with your sword, 2 - 3 fire arrows, 2 mines, lots of holy water arrows, lots of broadheads.) Even though some newbies thought that the Craymen i.e. in Lost City were Undead, they are just plain normal living creatures.
The Fire Shadow is a special Undead from Thief Gold. He appears in THC and in the Bonehoard, and he is an evil fiend. I call him evil, because he has the poor habit to be invicible. When he recieved some damages, he will just drop a fire arrow, and run away - to come back in a few minutes. The damages can be dealt with water arrows, with normal arrows, with the traps of the Hammerite-graves in the Bonehoard, with drowning him. The most annoying aspect of this unlife-form is that he can't be trapped in the water when he is going to get drowned - he will recieve some damages, drop his fire arrow, and run away. The problem is that he leaves the water on his flight - how he manages to do this, has not yet been reported or tested. All I do know is, that he was not in the water anymore after I had turned my back for a few seconds.

Q: What is this "backstabbing"?
A: Backstabbing means: Raise the sword over your head, sneak behind the target, and slam the sword into his head. Most of the time he will die then in the silent way (that means: No loud "Aaaaaaarghl!!", but only a quiet "argh!"). And most of the opponents die immediately after 1 backstab.
A short hint to the T2-demo: A backstabbed enemy died in the demo much louder than when I just whacked my sword against his hip or shot him with a broadhead. Just otherwise as it was in Thief.

Q: Is there a trick for the blackjacking?
A: Yes. Sit in a perfect shadow, and lean forward when they approach to your position. When they are in a reasonable distance, you can hit them the blackjack in the face. They will go down immediately. This needs a little bit training, but it works perfectly and is very useful i.e. in Sword.

Q: Can I blackjack a Spider?
A: No. You can kill the tiny spiders with your blackjack and with only one hit, but that is only because they have 1 hitpoint and so they die immediately after the hit. I have tested to blackjack a huge Spider in THC in complete darkness: crouching infront of the beast, I have hit it both on the head and on the body. It was slightly annoyed, but did not become unconcious.

Q: What about Fireelementals?
A: Even though Thumper says that he has killed Fireelementals with the sword, I would not recommend this. Use broadheads or better water arrows to douse them. Logical, isn't it?

Missions in Thief

A Keeper's Training

Q: How can I access the Basketball room?
A: Make sure you are playing in Expert. Go to the trainings yard. Fight the trainings dummy, and wait until the living opponent appears. Go to the area where he came from, and find a door. Now you should know that you can smash a door with your sword. Very unthiefish, but also very efficient.

Q: How can I get rid of the bedroll now? It is stuck in my hands!
A: Go into the options, and learn your keybindings at heart. Customize them, too. Learn now that there's a key for "Use" (you don't need that one here), and another one for "drop an item". Go back into the game, and learn what this function may mean.

Q: Is there a way behind the 3 doors behind the red door?
A: No. Not as far as I know, at least. KGoodsell told me that he has messed around with the map in the dromed, and that he found walls behind the three doors. I have never tested that myself.

Also see the walkthrough (Lytha style).

Lord Bafford's Manor

Q: Where is the spider cave?
A: After you jumped into the well, you will swim into a room with some lanterns at the walls and some water drizzling from the ceiling. Dive here, and look at the left wall. Be nice to the spiders, and remember the WWF-program that protects animals... you can easily avoid them by running. No need to kill.

Q: Where is the secret passage into the throne room?
A: Garden. Find the SE corner of the garden. Find a tapestry there. Know the fact that you can cut tapestries into small pieces with your sword.

Q: How can I reach the room that I could see from the basement, that room with a carpet, and a book and a key and a chest?
A: Find the throne room. Opposite to it's entrance is a bath room. Go through the bath room, and you will find the entrance to that "secret room", where Lord Bafford seems to read his stats while drinking FineWine.

Also see the walkthrough (Lytha style).

Break from Cragscleft Prison

Q: How can I deal with the guards in the balconies in the prison in Expert?
A: Many ways. You can jump over into their balcony and introduce them to your blackjack. Or sneak to the door, open it with the golden keys, and enter the balcony from here.

Q: Where are Felix' notes?
A: Nammon stole them. Nammon was a murderer who died a horrible death in the sewers of the prison. He did never reach the mines, probably because he was too scared because of the rumours about the Dead walking in there. You find his corpse in the room with the rotating eye on the ceiling that protects the cell blocks 3 and 4. Crouch, listen, and look for halfhigh holes in the walls.

Also see the walkthrough (Lytha style).

Down into the Bonehoard

Q: What are those lizard things?!?
A: Be nice. These "lizard things" are named Burrick, and calling them "dinosaurs" or "lizard things" is only a good indicator that you are indeed new at the game. Get rid of that habit to give them weird names. The Burricks are also protected by the WWF program. Many people love them, because they are such nice huge stinky, err, lizards. They remind those people of dogs. Burricks are cute, live in families, and enjoy listening to music. No need to slay any of their kind. You can even blackjack them, if they are really annoying you.

Q: What is behind these closed doors?
A: You are playing in Normal or in Hard. Come back later, in Expert, and you will see that the doors are open now, in fact, they have really disappeared so that the area behind them are now accessible. If you have studied the objectives of the higher difficulties, you will now know what lies behind.

Q: Where is the Mystic's Soul?
A: Behind the formerly closed door at the Hammerite Graves. You need 5 fire arrows now for the torches, no lockpicks or keys. Because I explained this so often: You can find 16 fire arrows in the mission. 6 in the area where you encountered the first Burrick - fall into a deep pit with water at the bottom. 6 in a chest shortly before the trap at the feet of a long ladder. And 4 after you have solved the puzzle of the Golden Bones.
In Thief Gold, it seems that the game designers wanted to stop the permanent rants "I have shot all my fire arrows at the Zombies, and now I can't access the Mystic's Soul no more!!" in the forums. You will find that you have now an endless supply of fire arrows in the Bonehoard. Endless insofar, as you can shoot the Fire Shadow (who walks around in the entrance area of the Mystic's Soul, as yet another hint) with all your broadhead arrows, all your water arrows, drown him several times, lure him to the traps in the Hammerite Graves - and whenever he recieved a certain amount of damages, he will drop a fire arrow, and run away.

Q: How many Golden Bones are on the map?
A: There are 5 golden bones. 2 legs, 2 arms, 1 skull. Don't ask me what happened to the other parts of the skeleton. Maybe a Burrick has eaten them. Use them in the open sarcophagus where you found the skull and the last leg. This is really easy to find, if you remember that those bones belonged to a weird Hammerite of long ago.

Q: Where is the Horn of Quintus?
A: Find a way to the 2nd floor of the catacombs. There is a slope somewhere that leads you to there. Go to the left, and find a way to go higher. Find a room with many traps that spit purple magical blobs in the air. Go left, and you will see.

Q: I can't use the rope arrow that leads me out of the room with the speaking face in the wall!
A: This is sad, and it happens about every 5 times that the Bonehoard is played. Reload, and try again. It seems to be more probably when you've the rope arrow already shot into the ceiling when the face is going nuts. When you just hopped down into the pit, waited that the face stopped its madness, and then shoot the rope arrow, you will most probably not encounter this bug. If you don't want to recieve any damages on your jump into the pit, you should remember that torches don't deal any damages, and that the player can stand on the torch...

Also see the walkthrough (Lytha style).


Q: They hear me when I chase them!
A: Well, make sure that you've read the part about silent movement in the part with the general advices. Follow Quince & Jacow silently, as it is described in that section of the FAQ.

Q: Where is Ramirez?
A: He is in the basement, as usual, counting his loot. If you have already (as newbies tend to do) slayed everyone in the house, you should go back into the basement. Probably (as usual when newbies play this mission) someone had ringed the alarm, and you have found more than 1 person in the counting room in the basement. Well, the one who looked different from the others and who had a club and a different voice and who tended to say things such as "then I will kill you myself, you taffer", this one was Ramirez. Grab him drag him into the light, and search his body for a purse at his belt. And next time be a little bit more carefully so that no one rings the alarm. It is easier and more funny then (IMHO, at least).

Q: Where is the silver fire poker?
A: Ramirez is a pervert. I know this, you know this, I think the whole City knows this. He likes to observe his guests in their bedrooms through small peering windows in the walls. These windows are hidden in a secret passage. So. You know that he loves his silver fire poker, and that he seems to enjoy sitting infront of his fireplace. And you need a fire poker for the fireplace. Hm... couldn't there be a secret passage somewhere? Maybe you should want to enter the fireplace, and search for a switch. Sometimes there's no lever in the switch, but you can use it nevertheless.

Q: Where are the last 100 loot?
A: The last 100 loot in Assassins is a SignetRing of Ramirez. Look at the stuff in front of his fireplace, if you haven't grabbed everything already. Last night was not a lonely night for him, and obviously he didn't want a metal thing on his hand while he was in bed. Search on the floor around his bed. He dropped it at the left side of the bed.

Also see the walkthrough (Lytha style).

Thieves' Guild

Q: Where is the bracelet???
A: The bracelet is in a place that is guarded by a very trustworthy person, that means: by Thom. He also is guarding a certain key. He can be found in the northern sewers, close to the entrance to Reuben's house.

The Sword

Q: I can't open 3 doors!
A: Yes. You might re-enter the house in a later mission and learn what lies beyond 2 of these doors. The 3 rd is a secret, and we have no idea what lies beyond.

Q: I can't find the incriminating evidence!
A: For the original Thief: Go to the bedroom of Constantine. Search beneath the bed on the floor. There's a grey key somewhere. The evidence seems to be hidden in the nursery part of the garden.
For Thief Gold: Go to the bedroom of Constantine. Search desperately at the usual place for the key, and don't find it. Grow desperate, and write lots of angry emails to people. Then go to the small room S of Constantine's Bedroom, find the scroll, and find the key on the table. Whee.

Q: I found a blue key in the garden. It opens nothing. What is its purpose?
A: This is the really interesting question on that mission. As soon as you have found a purpose for this key, post it in the gameforum, and email it to me immediately. And no, it does not open any lock in the mission. It is most probably a bug, but who knows? This key happens to have had the fate of getting killed by the mission designer in Thief Gold. This indicates indeed that it had no meaning at all.

Q: Thief Gold: Where is the secret area?
A: Go to the Temple in the garden that you know from the cutscene past RTC. Go to the water, and loot at the closed gate there. Realize that something has changed behind that gate from the original Thief to Thief Gold. Now start searching for a way past that gate. Look for evilish hidden switches, i.e. in the faces on the pillars to your left...

Also see the walkthrough (Lytha style).

The Haunted Cathedral

Q: I can't find a way into the Cathedral.
A: Look at the map. Remember that Hammers have this certain symbol, and find this symbol on the map. And then try to head towards this direction. Well, after you have found the Cathedral, you might want to read the sign and try if there's a backdoor or so behind the Cathedral. Find a window, hop to it, and listen.

Q: Where's the Serpentyle Torc?
A: Go back to the drawbridge. Raise your head. Try if you can mantle yourself on a wall in that area and from there to another wall.

Q: When I drop the coins at the watchman's grave, nothing happens!
A: To solve this objective, you might want to study your keybindings, once again. Make sure that you "used" the coins, and didn't drop them.

Q: I can't find any loot!!!
A: Well. Have a look at i.e. Ghost's Walkthrough, and especially at the loot lists there. The trick is: Not everything that seems to be a well-shaped grey piece of stone is a stone, but it could also be a gem. And not everything that lies on beams in the 2nd floor is unreachable, but you can get it easily with the help of some retreivable rope arrows. And not everything that the Burricks collected in their main cave is dead and rotten. And not every roof is unreachable, but roof-hopping is a fine hobby.

Also see the walkthrough (Lytha style).

Mages' Tower

Q: Where are the reading glasses?
A:In the library, you will find a wall that has a different sized texture. Now face the bookshelf to your left, and you will find a frobable book. Frob it.

Q: How do I open the blasted door at the top of the central building?
A: Have you already the matching key? Fine. Then look closely to the wall right of the door. Most probably, you have douzed the torch in your back, and can't see the lock next to the door in the as good as complete darkness.

Q: Which one of the Talismans is the correct one?
A:I don't (yet) quite understand this poem, too. You can make out which of the talismans is the correct one by observing the Mages. They will stop at the correct talisman for a while, when they are on patrol.

Lost City

Q: I jumped over the lava to the tower, and now I can't get back!
A: Yes. This is sad, but you can't go back (if you don't have a speed potion in your pocket). Reload. And then find firstly the water talisman and the lever in the grave. And then find the arena-building, and its basement and use the lever there. And expand the bridge. Not every jump that is possible is necessary, and it could even trap you somewhere. Be careful, and save before the jump on the rope in the tower.

Q: I am at the tower, but I can't reach the highest floor!
A: There is a ledge around the tower at this floor. Crouch very slowly out of the window, and follow the ledge to the eastern side. Then you should know that the grey bean looking structure is indeed wooden, and that you can shoot a rope arrow into the thing. Be careful when you jump on the rope, because this is very tricky.

Q: I can't go back from the grave with the water talisman.
A: You can leave this area. Just run, jump, and hold the jump-key while Garrett mantles on the roof of the small "house" that you are jumping to.

Q: I can't find the entrance to Lost City!
A: The entrance to Lost City is in the water, and below the bridge. Dive. The dark square block in the wall is the locked door. (or in Hardware mode the pretty square block). Use the stone key on it, and dive in.

Also see the walkthrough (Lytha style).

Song of the Caverns

Q: How do I leave the caverns?
A: Find the room with the trapped Keepers' shrine. Avoid the traps, and head towards the voice that you can hear in a distance.

Q: What does Raoul tell me? I can't understand him!
A: Basically, he tells you that he once owned the opera, and that Lady Valerius owns it now. He wants you to do a revenge for him by stealing the water talisman that her thuds found in the Keeper's shrine. And he tells you to head left in the sewers. The key is useful for the secret entrance to Lady Valerius' room.


Q: Where are the switches?
A: I presume you have already been in the locked room in the library, and found the scroll. Okay. The "keystone" is in the garden (go to the eastern wall, and raise your head). The "Brother Mason" is dead and so he is on the graveyard. The "St. Yora" is in the reliquiary. The "kitchen" is now the loot collection in the basement. The "rack" is in the Inquisitor's torture chamber.

Q: I can't grab the talismans.
A: Make sure you have already a scroll with the wall-builder poem in your pocket. Go to the talismans, sit down immediately beneath them. Turn away from them, and use the scroll. Read it. As soon as you have finished reading, the electrical protection should be switched off. And prepare for another surprise, when you have finished reading.

Also see the walkthrough (Lytha style).

Return to the Cathedral

Disclaimer: I answer as good as all possible questions now. Don't read if you don't want to get spoilered. But these are exactly the questions that the newbies asked me.

Q: I am so scared that I don't dare to continue gaming!
A: Err, yes. If you are suffering a sudden attack of horrific fear, you might need a break now. Stop gaming, get yourself some tea (or coffee for the MANLY ones among you (a small inside joke) :P ), go to the window and admire the moonlight. If that doesn't help, save the game now, and start a new game and tease the foolish guards in Bafford's. This could indeed be the point where it is recommendable to teast the opponents on the previous levels a little, so that the Zombies are not so scary anymore. About the Haunts... hehe... I have no strategy to reduce the fear that they evoke in myself. Well, after you have trained your sneaking abilities, go back to RTC, and enjoy it. If it is still too scary, make sure that you play at daylight.

Q: I have the Eye, and the front door is closed! And behind the backdoor is this Ghost! What now?
A: This "ghost" is Caspar, the friendly ghost. He is also known as Brother Murus, and he won't try to eat you, but he will give you some tasks that can annoy you really much. Just go to him, and follow his instructions.

Q: A holy symbol? What a holy symbol?
A: Hammers have this weird idee fixe about hammers. Go to St. Tenno, and produce a Holy Hammer. Just grab the matching mould. Just for fun, you can also produce holy doorknobs, holy sword handles, and holy wine cellar keys there, but you need only the holy hammer.

Q: Where is the praying book?
A: In the library. Use the table or a rope arrow to enter the 2nd floor, and grab it.

Q: The candle?
A: Go to St. Tenno. Find the 2 nd floor, hop out. Find the candle on the tool house.

Q: He wants me to follow him to the graveyard now, but the doors are locked.
A: You need a key now. The key is in St. Jenel, in a blue chest.

Q: Blessing the hammer?
A: There's a moonsea somewhere hidden in the cloister area. You find it via the basement of St. Jenel.

Q: Renault and Martello?
A: Renault seems to have died in the wine cellar of the Cathedral, maybe he wanted a last drink before he died. Martello is somewhy in the 3rd floor, NE corner of the Cathedral.

Q: Secret room in the winter tunnels?
A: Winter tunnels. Available if you have switched on the power via every elevator in the cloister. There is a central room with a painting on the wall. Find it's upper right corner, and try to use that corner. Hop up and down, if that helps. I will click as soon as you have switched it.

Q: Killing all the Haunts?!?
A: Well, calm down. Haunts are the nice laughing Skeleton guys with the chains and the swords. They can be backstabbed, or blown up with fire arrows and mines, or flashed to death. Keep 1 last fire arrow for the last task. If you think you've killed them all, but Murus still wants you to kill them all, then you've most probably missed the one in the alchemist's cellar. Have another, closer look at the winter tunnels.

Q: I have heard that there are other ways to finish the mission?
A: Yes. I know of two other ways. Firstly: The 5 minute solution by Ghost: Block the entrance with a skull or so, hurry in, grab the Eye, and leave in a mad run. Secondly: The roof-solution by jdsmith (I think): Grab the Eye, carry as many crates as possible to the garden, stack them, and enter the catwalk. With another 1-2 crates you should be able to enter the roof of St. Yora now, and be able to reach the roof of the Cathedral. Leave via the outer wall. Make sure that you don't meed Murus in this approach, because he will otherwise give his instructions to you.

Also see the walkthrough (Lytha style).


Q: I don't have a blackjack now?
A: But yes, you have. Make sure that you looked behind the altar in the starting room. Get the blackjack, the 2 rope arrows, the noise arrows, and the other stuff from there.

Q: How can I reach the cave opposite of the entrance?

A: You can shoot a rope arrow into the ceiling. And yes, at this time you have already rope arrows from behind the altar.

Q: Where is the information about the Eye?
A: There are these special spider-tunnels left of the entrance area. Always keep left in there. Inspect them closer, and find a single treehouse there. It is guarded by 2 froggies and 2 Bugbeasts. Enter it. Read.

Q: Where is the last 100 loot?
A: Heh... a question that no one asked as yet, but myself. The last two pieces of loot are when you come in the higher tunnel from the seconde treehouse, and doze the torches, you will see the two SilvNuggets being stuck in the grey wall. Newbies: Ignore that description and search for yourselves. :P

Also see the walkthrough (Lytha style).

Strange Bedfellows

Q: Kill the Bugbeasts?
A: This is really not difficult. When you blackjack one of the green Bugbeasts, they don't die. You should now hack your sword at their bodies, until there comes no more blood out of their wounds. There seem to be 5 (?) Bugbeasts in the mission, one in the entrance, 1 infront of the besieged Hammers, 2 in the caves, and 1 infront of the other side of the besieged Hammers. The last one could already be dead.

Q: Where is the chisel?
A: Find a room with 2 friendly Spiders (1 Spiderbeast, 1 huge Spider), and look behind the wooden thingie on the floor. The mission will end as soon as you have brought the chisel to the besieged Hammerites and solved the other objectives.

Q: Why does the Highpriest fall from the raft?
A: Well, I have no idea why he tends to drown when you use the raft. You may want to use your feet and find another way to the besieged Hammers. There is another door in that floor of the caves.

Also see the walkthrough (Lytha style).

Into the Maw of Chaos

Q: I can't find a way through the waterfall.
A: The waterfall has just some windows in the walls, where you can leave the water and get some air. Make sure that you move through it while pressing the "run" key, not the "walk".

Q: What is this weird red bubble structure in the tree?
A: Well, I have no idea, what exactly this is. But you can use it as a ladder to reach the highest floor inside the tree.

Q: How can I destroy the gate?
A: Look into your pocket. Find a scroll. Read it and understand. You might want to use the elemental crytals (= arrows) of the opposite element on the flames. As soon as all 4 flames are dozed, you will see a depressed Bugbeast over there, and you might want to hurry then to the ritual area.

Q: The Trickster keeps seeing me and I die!
A: Some things I don't want to explain here. But remember that you are a Thief, no dumb Space Marine or stupid Tank. And you don't want to kill him with your much too few fire arrows now, but steal The Eye from him. Take care.

Also see the walkthrough (Lytha style).