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Thief 2

General information about Thief II: The Metal Age


Title Thief II: The Metal Age
Made by Looking Glass Studios
Published by Eidos
Went gold (completed) 2000-03-17
Version 1.07
Operating Systems Windows 9x with DirectX 7
Country specific information
  • USA
    Release date2000-03-23
    Rating"M" (Mature)
    Garrett's voiceSteven Russell

  • UK
    Release datenot officially released yet
    RatingAge 15+
    Garrett's voiceSteven Russell

  • Germany
    Release date2000-03-31
    RatingAge 16+
    SoundtrackSpecial soundtrack by "Subway to Sally"

Features in Thief II: The Metal Age


  • A remote camera you can place and turn from afar that sending images to Garretts mechanical eye.
  • Flares to make a bit of light in the darkness - or to distract
  • a potion that makes Garrett invisible
  • a potion that softens a fall considerably
  • listening at doors
  • zooming with the mechanical eye

Game and gameplay

  • Even better map architecture :)
  • Even better sound
  • Improved AI, so the opponents behave a bit more clever
  • minor improvements in the graphics engine
  • The story from Thief 1 is continued, yet gets a completely new twist...
  • Thief 2 comes with a new version of Dromed, the mission editor for Thief