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This is an Q&A / FAQ for the Mission "Ambush!" in the game "Thief II: The Metal Age" by Looking Glass Studios at


Q: How do I get into Garrett's house?
A: Try inspecting the houses around the one Garrett lives in. There is one that has a window facing the front entrance of Garretts home. From there, you can see a window with closed wooden shutters. Hop over the street and open the shutters - and in you are!

Q: How do I get into the graveyard?
A: Don't bother. You are not meant to get there in this mission. It is said that there is a wall you can mantle to get there; but do so at you own discretion.

Q: In this level, I have pulled a lever in a brightly lit room with a little table and chair (if i recall correctly) and can hear a gate opening. Where is this gate and how do I get there?
A: "Right below this place." (The gate that opens is right below the room with the lever.)

Q: What happens if i don't pull the lever?
A: If you don't pull the lever, the gate doesn't open.

Q: Do you know where the wall to mantle over to the graveyard is?
A: Yes. You'll need many boxes and stuff; it is a bit complicated, a one-way trip, and there is nothing of value or interest to be found in the graveyard.