- Thief II: The Metal Age Collection - Missions  



Q: I've been everywhere on the first floor and can't find a way to open the door that leads upstairs.
A: One of the guards has a gear with him/her you need to open the door. Use the staircase close to the kitchen, not the stairs in the entrance hall.

Q: How do I open the locked door to the 3rd floor?
A: Read the note next to the locked door. There you will find all necessary informations where Benny has lost the gear.

Q: There seems to be a confusion with my objectives. I still have objectives that I cannot fulfil. What went wrong?
A: At the stairs to the third floor, listen to the conversation. Then check your objectives; they will have changed. (If that doesn't happen, you've found a bug in the game.)

Q: I heard moaning zombie sounds in the chappel. I suspect there is a secret around here. How do I get in?
A: Inside the chappel, above the huge hammer there is a smaller hammer symbol. Hit it with an arrow, and you gain access to the secret.

Q: In the basement near the stairs that lead to the kitchen, I heard this strange noise that sounded like a woman groaning. I walked into an alcove where it looked like there was a pressure plate and as soon as I walked in there, it said I found a secret. Well, that's fine, but what did I find?
A: You've found the secret's exit, which also triggers the "secret found" display. The entrance to that secret is in the dining rooms fireplace. In the fireplace, you will find a switch.
We recommend saving your game before pulling the switch...

Q: In the Haunt-underchapel secret, theres a passage to where you can see the she-zombie. What is that button for near the end? I found no use for it.
A: You can shoot that button; the gate should open, depending on difficulty. Not confirmed yet. (I didn't do anything in normal)


Q: Secret #1: Dining room
A: In the fireplace of the dining room, there is a switch. Pullit, the whole fire (!) slides back and an opening in the ground appears. Save... jump down, and you're in a small dungeon with an red-haired, one-eyed zombie in it. She may be quiet or alerted, depending on how much noise she heard so far. There are two fire-crystals/arrows to be found here, and she's got a purse. (If you ignore the warning and press the button, you get trouble). Use the crank and you open the exit to the cellar.
You may notice a silver nugget behind the grate and maybe even the button there. Since the button does not work (in the unpatched version), you need another way there... see below.

Q: Secret #2: Chappel
A: In the chappel, there is a small hammer-symbol on the wall left above the large hammer. Shoot it with an arrow, and the large hammer will slide, revealing an opening in the ground. Down there, there is a haunt and a small maze of tunnels. A plank on the wall can be hacked away with your sword, and behind that you get to the silver nugget seen in secret #1 and its button... see? The button doesn't work.

Q: Secret #3:
A: In the bedroom on the first floor, south of the chappel, turn the torch halter a bit, and you'll open a small secret compartment with loot in it.

Q: not-so-secret
A: In the library, there is a "special" bookshelf and a "special" book nearby. A bit of loot... for some reason, you cannot close the "secret" door. :(

Q: Secret #4:
A: Shoot the second target you encounter in the bull's eye - yes, the one above that door where you run right into this nasty arrangement of camera and turret... A hit opens a compartment with a gas arrow inside.