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This is an Q&A / FAQ for the Mission "First City Bank and Trust" in the game "Thief II: The Metal Age" by Looking Glass Studios at

First City Bank and Trust

Q: How do I disable the alarm in the bank?
A: If you want to turn off the cameras in the foyer, you can do that from the security control room on the third floor. The alarm system should go offline after a while by itself.

Q: How do I make the bar in front of the vault go away?
A: Go in the cellar, find the switch for the bar (in the NE) and turn that switch to green.

Q: How do you get into the air conditioning shaft? I found a door to the shaft, but can't reach it.
A: This end of the shaft seems to be more of an exit than an entrance. We found no real use for the shaft yet.

Q: I managed to enter the heating duct/ventilation shaft, but what is it good for?
A: The heating duct/ventilation shaft in the bank seems to be a red herring. We found no use for it yet.