- Thief II: The Metal Age Collection - Missions  


I have only played it one time so far (and was only able to solve it because I was sheer lucky), and so I can only give you some vague tips for solving the mission.

First of, the new writings of Karras. Head back to the building where you opened the gate to the archeological sites. In the 2nd floor (E it should be), just at the metal bridge, you will find a locked door. Pick the lock. In this room you should find the new writings.

Then head back to the sites. Brother Cavador walks around from site to site in a pattern that you could find described in a papyrus in the first building. Basically, it seems that the green lights of the site he's going to visit next are on green.

Well, how to recognize Cavador... you will know him as soon as you see him. He has a Burrick-phobia, and so he's wearing a breathing mask. That makes him immune against gas attacks, but he can -luckily- still be blackjacked. The problem will be the fact that his two bodyguards seem to have ESP of some kind and react very jumpy when one of them is knocked out.

So, the basical advice is that you search a long tunnel with lights that you can douze. I.e. around site #1 are tunnels like that. Then wait for the three guys, and whack Brother C on the head. His bodyguards will go frenzy, but you should be able to run away and to hide somewhere in a safe small and half-high niche, or on a mantleable wall. Or you try to get rid of the bodyguards with gas arrows first. Or with flashbombs/flashmines.

The problem with this advice is of course that his patrol pattern is so long that it takes him about 30 minutes to re-appear at one site... so, maybe, running around may be the better way. Not sure yet.

Q: Brother C stops at Site 5 and idles there. What's up?
A: He finished his patrol and is lazily hanging around. This happens depending on difficulty and patched/unpatched version; he may keep patroling.

Q: How do I open the big green door in Kidnap, the one west of the start point?
A: You have to enter the only building in reach. Search the "better" rooms for switches. The switches even have small folden plaques. If it's too dark for you, just turn on the light.

Stay tuned...