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This is an Q&A / FAQ for the Mission "Life of the Party" in the game "Thief II: The Metal Age" by Looking Glass Studios at

Life of the Party

Q: Where is Castle Carlyle?
A: Its north-east of the greenhouse. The greenhouse is on your map (you can bring up - and hide again - the map with the 'm' key by default).

Q: How do I get into the armory / Castle Carlysle?
A: The key for Castle Carlysle is in the mechanist tower, (room of lord carlysle) and the stargazer has a sunburst device in his secret compartment. Chose your way...

Q: I'm looking for the new scripture of the master builder... where should I look for it?
A: In a locked room near Karras office, you will find a second safe.

Q: On the roof with the drunk guard you can see a guard's body on the ground if you look over the side of the wall where the beer bottles are (only if you zoom). Is he dead or is it a glitch?
A: This other guard was boozing together with the one on the roof and fell down. He probably didn't survive the long way down.
In the demo, he lay on the ground beside the other drunk guard; this changed to the release version. This happened probably because the mission designer shrunk the map a bit. Maybe the patch fixes this.

Q: In the Stargazer's journal, it says he is trying to build a crude rocket ship to fly to a "blue planet". What do they imply by this? Perhaps it is the earth?
A: Who knows? One of the builder's great enigmas. If you really want to find out, try getting a job at NASA or participate in SETI. ;)

Q: How do I break into the room of Karras?
A: The priestess in the ball room got the key to karras' office.

Q: The painting in front of the safe in Karras' office won't move!
A: Try the button.

Q: This little gold guy appears... how can I stop it?
A: I've tried all of this with no effect at all:

  • blackjack
  • broadhead arrow
  • gas arrow
  • fire arrow
  • water arrow
  • noisemaker arrow
  • vine/rope arrow
  • frog grenades
  • mines
  • sunburst device
  • blocking the way by standing in the door
The only thing that showed a bit of effect was the flash bomb. Unfortunately, the golden child is indestructible.
It might be a good idea to run out and lock the door before it gets there. :)

BTW, an earlier version of this mission titled "The unwelcome guest" and published ad the Thief 2 Demo.