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This is an Q&A / FAQ for the Mission "Sabotage at Soul Forge" in the game "Thief II: The Metal Age" by Looking Glass Studios at

Sabotage at Soul Forge

Q: Where is the eighth signal tower, the one I cannot find on the map?
A: Its located directly in the northern apsis, at signal station B.

Q: I still can't find all eight towers? Where are they?
A: Look at your map. The lowermost mark on the northern map has a "2x" to it; maybe you are missing one of those two.

Q: I found one set of blueprints that tell me that I need other blueprints for some "regulating round" device. Where do I find those blueprints?
A: With the first blueprint, you certainly found a little key. This opens boxes in the same room which contain blueprints for several devices.

Q: Is there any "time limit" per se that one must complete this mission in? Depending on Karras messages over loudspeaker, maybe?
A: This mission has no time limit, fortunately.

Q: How do you open the door to the Signal Room?
A: You don't. You get there from the other side, after you've solved the jumping puzzle in the northern apsis. A vine arrow may come in useful at the end of the jumping puzzle.

Q: I cannot find that jumping puzzle.
A: Find the round room with a fountain between bay D and bay E,
go to the northern apsis from there,
you arrive on the second floor,
and the jumping puzzle will become obvious.

Q: Any way to get at Karras in his bunker? I tried many things, but none worked.
A: No.