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This is an Q&A / FAQ for the Mission "Shipping and Receiving" in the game "Thief II: The Metal Age" by Looking Glass Studios at

Shipping and Receiving

Q: What's the telescope's use?
A: The telescope in the captains quarters, combined with the steering wheel, opens the box. The wheel opens the box if and only if the telescope is aimed downward. (Thanks, Grundbegriff)

Q: How can I open the musicians' safe?
A: The safe in the musicians garage/room is supposed to be pickable, although with a tough lock. Change the lockpicks twice.
cd If you've found the horn, you may need it, too, to open the safe.

Q: How do I open the Steak Dealers safe?
A: With the blue key you find in the cooling room, after you've pushed the button.

Q: There is a box with one of those mechanical things inside. Am I suppose to do something with it?
A: No, it's just a prop.

Q: I cant seem to get into the locked doors in Shipping and Receiving, it just says maybe someone will open them.
A: The locks are on the inside. You need to find a different way in.