Thief: The Fan Made Project  

About me

I'm GreyMouser.


I'm GreyMouser in the TTLG forums. I'm not the GreyMouser from the Eidos forums, nor the one from Asherons Call. The only place I'm known as GreyMouser in is the TTLG forums, and the StarChat IRC.
The Name is lent from the meister theif in the Fritz Leiber Lankhmar series; so it is obvious others would chose it as a name for a thief, too. Please don't mix.


I've played Thief I and II a bit, but I'm not such a hardcore taffer like most of you are. Some levels I even never played myself, but watched them being played.
In the TTLG forums, I sometimes speak up, but mostly on technical or general topics. I like the Thief community, and the game appeals to me.
But (now they'll scold me) I play rather Q2/Q3 teamplay stuff than Thief. One or two hours of action-loaded teamplay is more my cup of tea; I seldom have the nerve to sneak for hours. This may be also related to my job.


I manage software projects for a living. I do the planning, project lead, and also programming itself. I found out I not only like, but almost need the hands-on experience of programming, so this spring I came "back to my roots" and did more practical work. I refused some generous offers in order to stay self-employed, which is also important for my lifestyle. This also puts me in a situation where I have to keep an eye on how much time I spend on things.