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This is a list of the secrets in the Mission "Eavesdropping" in the game "Thief II: The Metal Age" by Looking Glass Studios at

Secret List

This list contains all the secrets as they can be found in the version 1.18 of Thief II. Secret objectives -as far as they are known so far- are also included in this list. To enlarge the screenshots for a better view, click on them.

List of the Secrets in "Eavesdropping"

View ID Location Specifics Prize
The Secret of the Mechservants
1 Outside of the Cathedral, NE From the starting position, head to the E. Open the first metal door that you find to your left, and head in. Pull the switch that is at a half-high position to one of the doors of this room. Your prize is a golden ring, and you get an idea of what happens here at the Mechanists.