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This is an Q&A / FAQ for the Mission "Framed" in the game "Thief II: The Metal Age" by Looking Glass Studios at


Q: How do I get started? I break into the bar, and don't know how to continue.
A: Right of the starting position is a metal house; try to enter (pick the lock with your lockpicks, default keys: F6 and F7). Inside, look out for anything frobbable (objects and switches) that may help you.

Q: How do I get into the "interrogation" room?
A: Why, do you feel at home there? There is no known way in .

Q: Is there any way to get into any of the holding cells?
A: No, there is no way to get in there. Both interrogation room and holding cells are inaccessible.

Q: How do you get into the Lieutenants' quarters? I've tried to pick the lock and use the keys I've found, but no luck.
A: In Expert mode, the doors to the rooms of Lt. Hagen and Lt. Mosley are locked, but pickable; in Normal mode, try the handle - they are open.

Q: Where is the vault key?
A: Try Lt.Moselys office. It's a white key.

Q: I can't find the code to enter the vault. Where should I look for it?
A: There's a room for special and secret documents on the same floor as the vault. Sounds like a good place for such a code.

Q: Where is that documents room?
A: It's north of the main office, in the NE of the higher floor.

In the basement, there are two stairs leading up. The one at the lab/morgue brings you near the said room, but the place is guarded. There is also a secret way leading there (from the main office).

Q: Where do I place the handkerchief and the box from the vault?
A: In order to frame Lt.Hagen completely, you need to create two instances of "evidence" against him: drop (use the drop-key, not the use-key - if you don't know how to drop an item, check your keybindings) the handkerchief inside the vault, and place the box in Lt.Hagens office.

Q: I'm trying to drop the hanky inside the vault, but when I right click from inside the vault nothing happens.
A: You're using the object, not dropping it. Assuming you use the default control settings, Mouse button 2 is assigned to "use", but dropping items performed with the "r" key.

Q: Where do I put the key back down?
A: It's not necessary to return the key to Lt. Mosley's office, but it won't hurt to do so.