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This is an Q&A / FAQ for the Mission "Kidnap" in the game "Thief II: The Metal Age" by Looking Glass Studios at


Q: How do I open the big green door in Kidnap, the one west of the start point?
A: You have to enter the only building in reach. Search the "more exquisite" rooms for switches. The switches even have small folden plaques. If it's too dark for you, just turn on the lights.

Q: Where is Cavador?
A: First of, you should enter the area with the sites, and ask yourself: "If I was Cavador, now where would I be?" ;)

Seriously, Cavador is in his living rooms at site #5 at the start of the mission. As soon as you read the scroll which tells you what route he has planned for today, he will start his looong way around the sites. Because my own experience with trying to catch him while he was still on patrol was quite traumatizing, I don't read that scroll now any longer and grab him directly from site #5... but that depends on what you enjoy yourself.

By the way, Cavador is that guy with the burrick-phobia who's wearing a breathing mask all day. His general appearance is that of a Mechanist Engineer, as you encountered one in Framed... so, don't try to grab the Mechanist bodyuard with the helmet over the back of the head who follows Cavador like a sheep (in difficulties higher than normal only).

Another way to recognize Cavador is that his name is displayed under the carrying icon when you carry around his body.

Q: Brother C stops at Site 5 and idles there. What's up?
A: He finished his patrol and is lazily hanging around. This happens depending on difficulty and patched/unpatched version; he may keep patroling in the lower difficulty settings.

Q: Where is the new scripture of the Builder?
A: There is one in site #2 on a ledge, and one in site #5 (on a table in one of the rooms in the 1st floor). It is sufficient when you read only one of them.

Q: Why are the lists for this mission not up??? Too complicate for you, right?
A: Well, the lists will be up as soon as I actually want to waste my time with Alt-Tabbing my way through a mission again. Until then, I mourn the loss of LGS and try to convince myself that there are nice things left in life still by playing 0 damage through the game and by playing other games than Thief.

Listing Kidnap is definitely easier than listing i.e. Life of the Party or the Bank, and these missions weren't too complicated for me. So, go away and poke in your own eye with a long and pointy stick a bit.

Oh, and insults don't work better when you don't dare to tell me your name, by the way, you spineless anonymous wannabe taffer.