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This is a list of the secrets in the Mission "Life of the Party" in the game "Thief II: The Metal Age" by Looking Glass Studios at

Secret List

This list contains all the secrets as they can be found in the version 1.18 of Thief II. Secret objectives -as far as they are known so far- are also included in this list. To enlarge the screenshots for a better view, click on them.

List of the Secrets in "Life of the Party"

View ID Location Specifics Prize
Wooden Shatters
The wooden shatters
1 S district, SE: Next to the bell tower On the ledge just W of the tower is a window that is closed with wooden shatters. Open these shatters to get into the room behind. Your reward are 3 water arrows and two luck coins.
To the stars!
The Sunburst Device
2 S district, E: attic of the house north from the bell tower After having reached the attic by either opening the wooden shatters in the N or by bashing the wooden beams out of your way in the S, frob the telescope. Your reward is a fire arrow and a Sunburst Device
2nd floor
The 2nd floor of the Spire
3 S district, N: Necromancer's Spire Search the lower floor for a frobable book. After that, play around with the elevator a bit to understand how you can access an even lower level of the Spire now. Your reward is a speed potion, a papyrus, a healing potion, several stackeable skulls and heads, a nice overall creepy feeling, and a piece of loot.
1st floor
The 1st floor of the Spire
4 S district, N: Necromancer's Spire Click around a bit on your use-button while facing the fire in the highest floor of the Spire. Then gain access to the 2nd floor by finding the secret #3 (described above). The access to the lowest (1st) floor of the Spire is now open. Leaving this area is possible by mantling on the torture utensils and from there back out. Your reward is a invisibility potion.
The Keeper's Secret
The Keeper's Secret
5 N district, NE: south of Lady Louisa's Suite Just before you enter Lady Louisa's Suite, you will find a window in the western wall. Up there, you can hear some footsteps. Climb up to meet a Keeper face to face. After this encounter, enter the hallway north of the room, and frob the torch. A secret compartment will open. Your reward is a invisibiliy potion, a gas mine, and two noisemaker arrows.
The Statue's Eye
The Statue
6 Angelwatch, 5th floor, W The Hammerite Statue in this floor of Angelwatch can be poked into the left eye. This opens a secret compartment just S of the statue. Your reward is a gas arrow, a mine, a speed potion, and a healing potion.
The Alarm System
7 Angelwatch, 5th floor, E In the cabinet opposite of the fireplace in the E of this floor is a secret door. The switch to open the secret door is at the left doorframe of the entrance of the cabinet. Your reward is a safe way home.