- 1999 Survey   -

The Results of the 1999 Survey

Some final Comments

So, now back to the editor's words.

Well, I enjoyed the data analysis; but I did not enjoy the time of nervous typing, of re-editing of texts that an evil autocorrect had screwed, of fighting with the program to get the data into a table calculation program to get the cute pics, of fighting with the program not to mess the pics, and of fighting the evil html-editor „features“ of this program. But well, it convinced me that html is a easy and nice language and that the notepad is the best choice for htmling. This page will be one of the last pages that I will ever write in a html-editor.

I know that there are some oddities in the presentation pages, and that the pictures to not look as good as they should. But the presentation of the descriptive data and the short analyses are finished, even though my comments are filled with subjectivity, I think they will serve their purpose - present the most important results of this survey.

So... I want to thank again the people who joined the survey. I wanted to email you and thank you personally, but I need currently a vacancy from this survey. So, I hope this word spoken to the silent publicity of the web will be enough to express my thanks. :-)

- Lytha