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The Results of the 1999 Survey

More analyses

I had planned to summarize here the results of the other very enjoyable (at least I found the data analyses very enjoyable) things I've done additional to the previous described data analyses. However, I realized now that I stopped working on these pages for more than 2 weeks now (well, the page with the comparison hardcore-fans vs. newbies was highly frustrating). So, I decided against presenting the results of the factor analysis and some small but funny analyses - to get this project finished for now.

These further data analyses were only done because of fun, not because of specific hypotheses or to prove anything. Well, I learned that presenting the results is not that enjoyable for me (both because I am currently not using the optimal tool for htmling (but want to finish the survey stuff in this way before I get back to the better tools); because I am still not very skilled regards tables in tablecells; and of course because I am not a native English speaker.

So, I stop the presentation of the results now, and at this point. The major interesting descriptive data analyses are already available, and this has to be enough for now.