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The Results of the 1999 Survey

The FAQ for this Survey

Well, I am always (most of the time, at least) open for comments and questions about this survey. I have already collected some of the questions that I think will be asked and that I found in the feedback-fields of the survey.

The questions are not quotes. They might be formulated in a harsh way... well... I enjoyed to answer them more as they are as if I would have tried to formulate them in a nice and friendly way.

[used terminology], [reasons for the survey], [about the game], [other]

About the used terminology

What the heck is a Modal-value?

A modal value is the probably absolutely weird translation of the term "Modalwert". This word means: The score that had the most ratings. If, i.e., we have the 3 scores (with the number of ratings in brackets) A (1),B (5) and C (2), then the score B would be the Modalwert.

Why do you call us "subjects" ?!?

"Subject" seems to be the appropriate term for the word "Versuchspersonen"... another evil word from the deepest pits of psychological science. Psychologists have the odd habit to name the friendly people in that way, who join their experiments and who fill out their questionnaires. Psychologists are just plain evil, it seems. But so what? ;-)

How dare you to claim that this small number of people is relevant in any way?!

The number of subjects is 225. This is not a small number, and many scientific theories are based on a very much smaller number of subjects. If I may, I will compare this number of subjects with a theory that many people cannot distinct from the psychology per so. So is the entire classical psychoanalysis based on about a dozen subjects - and these subjects were most probalby not the very "nomal" and "stable" people of that aera. But, nevertheless, the scientifist did not hesitate to draw conclusions from this small and weird group to the entire humanity. And, odd enough, this theory is still used today.

I don't have any intentions about claiming that the results are important in any way. This example above is only an example, nothing more.

The number of subjects, though, is more than double sized of the number of subjects that are used in the current scientific scene, as far as I overview it now.

The relevance of the results is another point. I think they are a very good indicator for the perception of the missions of the game, as it is. But of course it should not be forgotten that the differences among the mean scores were not very huge. So, it is indeed not very important, if a mission has the mean score 3.83 or the score 3.75. These are identical scores in the terms of probability, because you should always remember the relatively large StD of the scores.

What does "IMHO" mean? What does "FAQ" mean?

IMHO = In my humble opinion. A way to say that this is a subjective comment.

FAQ = Frequently asked questions. This is not only a collection of these questions, but shall also try to answer them.

About the reasons for the survey

Why did you make this survey?

To put it in a few sentences: I enjoy messing around with data. Numbers, tables, and pictures of the distribution of the ratings are very enjoyable for me, and I can spend hours by watching and analysing them. A long time ago (about some months now), I asked in the gameforum for the preferences about the missions. I did already enjoy messing around with the data of that small survey. I think it is quite a logical development that I started the larger survey when I learned that other people were also interested in the statistics.

How does it come that you enjoy numbers so much?

I won't analyse myself and my interests now, just for that question. I like statistics, and I like analysing data. And I enjoy also surveys. Well, that's why I study this odd thing named "psychology", I guess. However, statistics and "Methodenlehre" and "Diagnostik" were always the things that I enjoyed most of all while my studies.

About the game

Why is there no god mode cheat?

Woops... there were cheaters who joined my survey? Oh, what a mess. I guess I have to eliminate them from the datapool and do the entire data analysis again. Now let me just stumble away, shake my head in disbelief, and smack the cheaters with the sentence "because you don't need that stupid cheat code. Use your brain and your skill." ... sorry. Another statement against cheating. I just can't stand people who cheat.

Where is the entrance to Lost City?

Well... I found this newbie question so very "enjoyable" to read at this location that I just had to add it here. I found it not in my inbox, but in the "feedback"-field of the survey. I can't think of a better place to ask a question as this, just as anyone else who understood that this was a survey for people who had finished the game at least one time.

Anyway, the answer is: I presume you have to play in software mode. The entrance to Lost City is in the water. Find the bridge in front of the ladder. Dive. Use the stone key that you found in the previous mission on the dark square in the right wall below the bridge. Now dive in.

Oh, one more point: Don't expect or fear that I will place every newbie question into this FAQ. I have other plans with them. Patience. No, not what you fear. Nothing evil... just check here.


"Feedback... feedback ... that is all what you want!"

This is a direct quote. I like quoting weirdos. Well... no. Feedback is definitely not all what I want. Oh, more to say, I don't expect or want much feedback about this survey. So, don't spam me just because there may be a mailto-link available somewhere on this site.

Can we expect that you continue working with these data and on the layout of these pages?

With the data: No.

With the layout: I restructured the pages of the Survey-presentation in early 2000... The new layout pleases me more than the previous horrible WYGIWYS-html-source, and that will be enough. :)

Well, as they say it: that was it. Thanks for reading the survey. :)