- 1999 Survey   -

The Results of the 1999 Survey

The Hypotheses

Hypotheses? Why the hell does someone construct hypotheses for a non- scientific survey?

Well, the answer is easily done: Because this someone seems to be a nerdie and a freak. (I think I should be allowed to say this word, I am just describing myself. :-)

'No good survey without some hypotheses', I mumbled to myself in the construction phase of the survey. So, I decided to construct them as follows:

1.) It is not important if the opponents are human or not, the complexity of the mission is the major factor if the mission gets a high score. (So, i.e. Return to the Cathedral should get a pretty high score, because of its complexity and of its scaryness.)

2.) We have two groups of people: Those who like the human levels, and those who prefer the really scary missions.

3.) The longer someone had played the game, the more differentiated are the comments about the maps.

4.) The ratings for the maps differ between the people who have played the game only one time, and between the people who have played the game more often (they shall be defined as the hardcore fans).

After I had constructed the hypotheses, I continued with the construction of the survey. The final form of the survey looked like this.