- Thief II: The Metal Age Collection - Secret List  
This is a list of the secrets in the Mission "¥" in the game "Thief II: The Metal Age" by Looking Glass Studios at

Secret List

This list contains all the secrets as they can be found in the version 1.18 of Thief II. Secret objectives -as far as they are known so far- are also included in this list. To enlarge the screenshots for a better view, click on them.

List of the Secrets in "Running Interference"

View ID Location Specifics Prize
The Armory
1 Basement E, armory just N of the barracks. Pull the switch under the shelf and a secret compartment opens just left of the switch. Your prize are 1 flashbomb, 1 flares, 1 healing potion, and 1 purse (0;50;0).
The Winerack
2 Basement NE, winerack in the room just E of the kitchen In the lower row of the winerack is a speedpotion hidden. Grab it. Your prize is a speedpotion.
The Bedroom
3 2nd floor W, main bedroom. Pull the switch under the table, and a secret compartment opens just over the bed. Your prize is a tiara (75;100;0).
Wedding Rings
The Wedding Rings
4 1st floor N, entrance hall. Grab the rings from their well-hidden hiding place, and you get this secret objective. Your prize is a warm and gushy feeling, because you can provide Basso and Jenni with two wedding rings now.