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Loot Lists for Thief - The Dark Project

Everyone knows the most typical question: "Where are the last 100 loot in Assassins?!" (Whether or not an exclamation mark is added to the question, depends on how much time was already spent on the search).

Well, there are people who know the location of each piece of loot in the game. Not because they have a pretty neurotic fixation on order and loot per se, but because they were in the TTLG-Forums back in these days when everyone was on the search for the last few pieces of loot. And because these people have a good memory.

However, consider these Loot Lists as really complete. If you don't understand the description of the location, you might need to use also your own eyes a little bit... it is not that difficult, and the general location is described for each item. Have also a look at your map here and then - the general locations are based on the automaps of the game.

The Loot Lists are for Expert Difficulty only. That means, that there is still something to left for you to keep you busy in the other Difficulty settings. ;-)

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Click in the left navigation bar on the mission where you are missing some loot.

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