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Walkthrough for Thief

This Walkthrough is for Expert Difficulty, and it is also written for people who don't want to knock out everyone or kill everything. That means, this is a Walkthrough for the "Lytha way", but they can, of course, also be used for normal gaming.

Because I am kinda perfectionistic when playing a mission, you will also find in here where you can get all the pickpockets, all the loot, and also all the items.

Difficult situations for the "Lytha way" are described in a long way that should allow anyone to get past them.

As good as every mission can be played without purchasing anything in the loadout screen - I write a recommendation of items to buy for people who try it for the first time (or who are a little bit more normal than the author of this Walkthrough).

  Have fun,
  -- Lytha

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