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Hints for "Assassins"

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General Remarks about "Assassins" in the "Lytha way"

Assassins is one of the easiest missions of the entire game, if one wants to play it without dealing any damages: It has shadows whereever some are needed, it has predictable patrol patterns of the Guards, and it has no areas where one needed to perform a mad run to a safe area - as long as one doesn't set off the alarm, that is.

But also - hey, lets face it - is the fun quite limited. IMHO, that is, of course. Usually, I just run through this mission, grab all the loot, and leave the mansion quietly. The roofs of The City aren't very well adjusted for crazy roofhoppers, and so I usually don't bother to reach them at all.

Hints for the more difficult Areas

The Situation

The Problem

The Solution

A close-up of Ramirez

In the basement is Ramirez, counting his loot. You don't want to alert him, somehow, so you need to sneak past him.

If you have done it right until the time that you reached the counting room, you have to face only Ramirez (and the Servant from the kitchen here and then). Sit in the shadow at the table, and observe his patrol pattern.

Hint - i.e. the shadow just ahead of you (from where you can easily grab key, potion, and flashbomb, read the book, and unlock and open the chest) is a good place to hide. But make sure that you don't sit immediately on his patrol point.

Some Fun Stuff

Well, Assassins is a quick mission. As I said, I usually don't spend much time with searching for some fun in it - sometimes, I have set off the alarm voluntarily, so that I had also the 2-minute sprint back to Home Turf. And earlier, I had the poor habit to carry an unconcious Ramirez back to Home Turf (to place him on a handy roof and to take him hostage), but these adventures have somehow lost the fun factor for me.

However, it is still fun to climb on the roof of Ramirez' Mansion - and to leave it... alive. It is kind of funny how the Guards down there in the garden move without any motions. ;-)

I am also sure that there are other areas where one can have lots of fun, but I fear that I don't like Assassins enough to make the typically highly time-expensive experiments with the NPCs.

Usually, I rush through this mission now, with the intention to reach the next-to-one mission, the Sword, as fast as possible. I like the crazy missions better than the "normal" ones. ;-)

A nice View
A nice view from Ramirez' roof.

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