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Hints for "The Mages' Tower"

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General Remarks about "The Mages' Tower" in the "Lytha Way"

Because I played this mission so far only 3 times (1 first time in Expert, 1 time in a "scientific" mode (what happens when I throw a fire Mage into the water), and 1 time on the search for all the loot), I am not yet able to write any hints here.

But on my search for all the loot, I dealt only 8 damages this time: Guards in the entrance hall (because I was lazy), Fire Mage at the top of the stairs in the Central tower (because he had heard me), and the two Air Mages in the main hall of the Air tower (because I considered them to be a pain).

A really difficult area seems to be the first few rooms of the Air Tower - the Mages have a good hearing, there are no shadows, and the floor is noisy.

Another real problem is the fact that there are as good as no water arrows in this map - but lots of torches to douze. I think I used about 25 water arrows this time - this expensive fun needs to be shortened a bit next time. :)

More comments: To be written.

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