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Hints for "The Lost City"

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General Remarks about "The Lost City" in the "Lytha Way"

Well, the Lost City was definitely not designed for sneakers. There are many places where only a mad run helps, and also many places where Garrett definitely gets seen by many enemies. The fact that some Fireelementals have the poor habit to get stuck in some areas (where they are in the way of Garrett), and the new enemies in Thief Gold, make it even more difficult.

So far, I have only played this mission one times (in the original Thief) without dealing any damages at all. And I know that the Mages will make everything even more difficult, being enemies with ranged attack.

Hints for the more difficult Areas

The Situation

The Problem

The Solution

The Libary
The basement of the 'Library'

These 4 Burricks guard some loot in the basement. No way to sneak past them.

Run in, get the loot, and jump over the Burricks to get out again. If you are lucky, you will not get stuck between the Burricks in the long and narrow corridor.

Another possibility is to get their attention with i.e. a fire arrow shot at the hallway opposite of where they are guarding the loot, to wait until they come out to inspect the source of the noise, and to hurry in then.

The main problem is that the Burricks slow down the framerate far too much, and trying to dodge their breath is a problem with a fps of < 10.

Of course, you can also try to convince all 4 of them to come to the way out, and you can knock them out with one single gas arrow then. But hey, don't call it "Lytha way" then. ;-)

The necklace behind the broken gate
The necklace behind the broken gate

Getting this necklace is a pain, because there is a Fireelemental on patrol behind the gate.

Try to time your jump with the patrol pattern of the Fireelemental. Sure, this is a pain, because you can't see it from the shadow at the other side of the wall.

Or you can try to distract it with a fire arrow, shot into the lava NW of the broken gate. Sure, this is a pain because the noise may alert the two Fireelementals who patrol in the 'Market' area of the map. And alerted Fireelementals are brighter, see the player easier, and hurt the player when they pass by too closely.

Or you decide after the 20th reload that you hate the necklace and don't really need to have it at all...

The King's Grave
The King's Grave

These Mages are part of the expedition that tries to get the Talisman of Fire. Because they are unfriendly foes with their ranged attack, their presence at the King's Grave is a pain.

Douze every torch that you find in the Grave. And be as fast as possible - so far, I don't see a way to get the lever without getting seen, attacked, and hurt.

A great glitch is that this time you are not supposed not to kill any Humans, even in Expert difficulty. If the Mages are really, really annoying, then take a real save, teach them what pain is all about, and reload after that violent intermezzo. I am sure that i.e. Water Mages really enjoy to be thrown into the lava. ;-)

Some Fun Stuff

Fun in a mission that one does not like so very much... well. Fun is a subjective thing and I am sure that other people find things highly amusing in the Lost City. Let me just describe a thrilling situation in the 'Court', and a typical Gang war at the obelisk.

The Burrick family in the 'Residence' area E of the map is a pain, with them guarding a tiara, and patrolling around a lot. To get rid of them in a 'pacifistic' way, I recommend to head NE after the small village S of the 'library' where you found the plate. By means of hopping over the rooftops of the houses at the lava pool, one can reach the N side of the place with the obelisk. With a fire arrow shot at the area of the 'Residence' where the Burricks live, the attention and aggression of the Fireelementals will be directed against the lizards.

This is the ideal time to run to the exit to the left. After the Fireelementals have calmed down a bit, you can jump directly to the tiara, without having to fear any threat at all.

If the Burricks were lucky, they were able to kill one of the Fireelementals, but it is extremely unlikely that anyone of the Burrick family survived the battle.

Gang war
Gang war at the Obelisk

Thrilling situations are many if one does not intend to kill anyone or anything. The situation in the 'Court' building is quite extreme, though. :-)

The Court
The Court

What we have here is a room that is patrolled by two Fireelementals. They are guarding 23 blue gems.

If you are sitting as close to the walls in the corners of this room as you can, the Fireelementals will not hurt you. That is, if they are not alerted yet. Make sure that you move only when both of them have their "backs" turned - and be as quick as possible when you are moving from corner to corner.

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