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Hints for "The Sword"

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General Remarks about "The Sword" in the "Lytha way"

Even though the Sword is a quite possible to play without dealing any damages, it has several tricky areas - but nevertheless, it is possible and even fun. Compared to the Thieves' Guild, this mission is even a piece of cake. ;-)

And, The Sword has some areas that, even though they seem to be highly interesting, are in fact red herrings. A good example for such a red herring was the odd single blue key from the garden - it opened nothing at all. But even though I am one of these people who have spent many hours on the search for a purpose of this key, I was never really annoyed by it. The mission is far too enjoyable than that I could be annoyed by anything in there at all. However, this key was removed in Thieg Gold - the last prove that it was indeed a red herring. :-)

Having run like a maniac through this mission, both on the search for the last few pieces of loot and for a purpose for the strange key, I found as good as perfect strategies for all tricky situations in the mission: so, it is possible that I underestimate the difficulty of the "Lytha way" in The Sword.

Hints for the more difficult Areas

The Situation

The Problem

The Solution

The Guard in the E 1rst floor
The Guard in the E 1rst floor

This Guard has a relatively complex patrol pattern, and he passes through 2 rooms with loot. You want to steal the loot without getting seen.

Usually, I approach this area from the Bar. Sitting in the perfect shadow, I snatch the key from his belt, and shoot usually a moss arrow on the small area without carpet to the S. When he enters the staircase, I hurry into the room in the E, grab the vase, and wait inside of this room that he passes by when he moves from N to S in the corridor. Then I follow him in a hurry, hope that the timing with the Guard in the S corridor is well and fine, and enter the room in the tower E of the entrance, douzing the torch. From this room, it is possible to follow the Guard into the E 'coffin'-room to the two Goblets. With a good timing, you should then be able to sneak past the Guard to the N, through the staircase and flee into the garden.

Sounds a bit complicated. I am also sure that it is possible just to run like a maniac through this area, grab everything, and hop into the pool in the garden - but I prefer to sneak.

The Sword
The Sword

The Sword is floating around in the air. It is guarded by several Guards in the 3rd floor, and by three Guards in the 4rth floor. Grabbing it without getting seen is quite a bit of a problem

Well, either you don't care if you get seen or not - then you should just run to the sword, grab it while you jump on the pedestal, and leave the entire area as soon as possible. Or you have to douze lots of torches, shoot some moss onto the floor - but will get seen most probably nevertheless when you jump to the Sword. It's your choice. ;-)

Because the mad run through the 3rd floor to that 90 room is always fun, I prefer the first of these two alternatives.

Some Fun Stuff

Even before Thief Gold was released, this mission had some funny climbing aspects.

The outer walls are an easy-to-reach area. Just shoot your rope arrow into the N bean, and hop onto that bay in the N. From here, you can either reach the roof of the Mansion, or the outer walls.

I think that it is quite funny to knock one of the Archers out, and to carry him to the outer streets (without hurting or blackjacking any of the other enemies). Kidnapping people without getting caught always was one of the things that I enjoyed in the game... Well, fun is a very subjective topic. ;-)

The outer wall
The outer walls of the Mansion

With the new area in The Sword, we have now two possibilities to get some 'incriminating evidence' about Constantine.

The new area
The new area in The Sword

Having played around with dromed for a good while, I was not as confused and irritated in this new area as other people described their feelings about it. (This is surely not an effect of the fact that I dromeded a bit, but of the idea behind my not finished mission).

Nevertheless, I did what most probably most of the players had done: I fell into my death. ;-)

After that, I enjoyed this part of the Mansion so very much, that it is still typical that I spend about 1 hours with climbing and jumping. A very enjoyable add-in, IMHO. :-)

The Sword has also a relatively famous area where the player is definitely not supposed to go to - enough reason for the crazy roof-hoppers to find a way in.

I am talking about the Inside of the Second Huge Tree, of course - an area where one can wiggle Garrett in (and with the help of some rope arrows, he will even survive this), where one can find some goodies (!), and even leave again... alive. The moss arrow seems to be removed in Thief Gold, but the pickable mushroom is still there. Enough reason to try to reach the inside of this tree. ;)

If you are playing in Expert Difficulty, you have the problem that you will most probably not survive the fall from the rope arrow into the cave. So, it's time for some wiggling and positioning of rope arrows-practice. ;)

On this very cool image, by the way, you can see a nice glitch that happened when I fell into my death inside of this huge tree. You can see the mushroom in the right corner of the picture - the other details appeared all out of the sudden. I guess I was sort of fallen into the solid floor in this case.

The Inside of the Second Huge Tree
The Inside of the Second Huge Tree

In a nutshell, there are lots of areas where one can have lots of fun.

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