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Hints for "Down into the Bonehoard"

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General Remarks about the "Bonehoard" in the "Lytha way"

To play the Bonehoard in the "Lytha way" means mainly: Ignore the fact that the enemies see you (and try to attack you) - just run away. Ignore the Burricks, the Zombies, the Haunt, and even the Fireshadow.

This mission had several heavy changes from the original Thief to Thief Gold: It is now much brighter, much more colourful, has more different textures, and of course this special new enemy, the Fireshadow. I have to admit that I am not certain if I prefer the new outfit of the Bonehoard, or not, it is surely easier to navigate now. But it is also sure that some areas lost their certain spooky charme now.

However, it is still quite easily done to finish this mission without dealing any damages (without drowning anyone, leading anyone into traps, or starting a cruel gang-war). The main problem now is the Fireshadow, but he can also be tricked.

Hints for the more difficult Areas

The Situation

The Problem

The Solution

A Burrick family
A happy Burrick family.

These Burrick family is leading a more or less happy and pacifistic life. The problem is that you want to get past them, and to reach the exit of this cave.

I would either use a fire arrow as noise distraction in an opposite and distant area of the main Burrick cave, or just run and hope that I will not get trapped in the fatal fps-minimizing clouds of Burrick-breath.

Previously, one could throw a skull and a ribcase into the bugcloud from high above. The Burricks became nervous then, and started inspecting everything unusual - if you had done it right, some of them would die in the Bugcloud. Surely, one could also stumble into that pretty hole in the floor, and fall into one's death... However, it is not possible no more.

The Fireshadow
A Fireshadow

This evil fiend is quick, jumpy, angry, and deals a good amount of damages with his burning hands. You want to shoot 5 fire arrows at the torches - in his presence.

There are 2 pretty shadowy hallways left and right from the main way to the room with the torches. Have a look at the area behind the pillars - and douzing the torches in that entrance area is also a good idea. Be careful, because the floor is very noisy here, and make sure that you are always in a perfect shadow, close to the walls.

After you have lightened any of the torches, the Fireshadow will search around for a good while. You can either wait until he has calmed down again, or try to shoot the next fire arrow while he is still searching.

Because the Fireshadow can't be killed, he is surely a pain and an annoyance. It does not even help to (a) drown him, (b) lead him into the traps of the Hammerite Graves, (c) drown him again in a different area. I think, though, that it should be useful to trap him in a room that he can't leave no more - i.e. the basement of the Hammerite Graves.

One of the most annoying aspects is that Garrett tends to die (in Expert Difficulty) as soon as he touches a part of the Fireshadow's body. At least, I once had a serious problem when I drowned the Fireshadow in the small pool of water in the room with the 5 torches - whenever the Fireshadow stepped on Garrett's head, poor Garrett died.

Some Fun Stuff

The Bonehoard is fun. It does not matter if one stands on the railing of the broken stairs, waiting that all Zombies are stumbled into sight (this is for the sport of "how many Zombies can I kill with one potion of holy water"), or if one just runs like a maniac through the mission. Or to see what happens when the Fireshadow (or a Zombie) enters the Burrick cave infront of the Horn. Or to be chased by lots of Undead, just to hop to the Marad (standing in a safe area and giving the Zombies a friendly wave is so much fun :-) ). Or to have fun with the Haunt.

In a nutshell, IMHO, the Bonehoard offers many possibilities to have fun.

As just one example, you can watch on this image an attempt to drown the Zombies and the Fireshadow in the small pool in the room with the 5 torches.

At this stage of the process, all the Undead are annoyed, angry, and waiting that I leave the pool again. Surely, I will not leave the water, though... So, they will do their funny little sidesteps, and I will press on the F11 and the F12 - just as usual.

An interesting oddity in this room is that Garrett is also safe when he is standing on one of the small metal "doors" that blocked the pool previously. An effect like the "Holy Drawbridge" in the Haunted Cathedral - but not as safe as the drawbridge. After a reload, the Undead might attack.

An attempt to drown some Undead

Sadly, the Bonehoard has no roofs. But the extreme heights of the towers in the catacombs equalize this lack, and other things become possible.

A nice view
A nice view to a pool...

Will a fall from this height down into a pool of water kill Garrett, or not?

This area is easy to reach (just go to the shortcut exit, and look down at the appropriate location), and so it can be tested easily be everyone.

A hint: If Garrett misses the pool, but falls on the small bridge or the floor, he will surely die. So aim precisely. :-)

Hey, and don't forget the classical "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!" whilst you are falling. Going to swim with style, right? ;-)

The Fireshadow, even though he is a source of heavy annoyment, is also good for some merry fun.

Being an immortal foe does not raise the sympathy that one recieves. Personally, I think that this immortal creature should be locked away in any safe areas where he can't escape no more. The problem is: He is able to leave a safe room, as soon as he has recieved some damages. Who knows how he is able to do so, but he is able to teleport himself away from the water pools in the mission.

The Fireshadow in the Hammerite Crypt
The (unhappy) Fireshadow in the Hammerite Crypt

The ability to teleport oneself is even a more annoying habit of an enemy than being immortal, and so it was not very unlikely that a Thief-fanatic like me decided to make some further experiments with the Fire Shadow. On this picture, I was on my way to let him fall into the basement of the Hammerite Crypt - only that I decided after a short while that letting him stumble into the traps was more fun than letting him fall down...

If you are still doubting that the Bonehoard is fun, then it is time for you to download and to play the fanmade mission Alarus Extension by Gonchong. :-)

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