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Hints for "Undercover"

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General Remarks about "Undercover" in the "Lytha way"

This is surely one of the most annoying missions of the entire game, if one tries to play in the "Lytha way": It has as good as no shadows, the Guards notice when something is amiss, the floor is noisy, and it has this keystone tree (I am not known for not holding a grude).

Well. Seems that someone is extremely subjective here... :-/

However, Undercover is also a mission with lots of hammers, and as everyone knows, does killing someone with a hammer not count as dealing damages. And that's what I normally do here. This time, however, I tried to play without hammering these annoying fanatics in red to death.

Hints for the more difficult Areas

Tricky situations are in dozens in this mission. The following three are just examples.

The Situation

The Problem

The Solution

An example of nastyness
An example of nastyness

These creeps are facing a piece of loot. You want the loot, but they notice when it is amiss.

Situations like this are many in this mission. I recommend that you firstly get the less critical items of loot, pull the switches, and get everything that you did not get in the first place in a very mad run shortly before you get the Talisman.

Or, in this case, shoot a gas arrow at these two fanatics. Gas arrows don't count as dealing damages, and this mission is annoying enough to finish it as quick as possible, using every dirty little trick.

Another example of nastyness
Another example of nastyness

This door is a 'forbidden' area. Of course, here are lots of Hammerites on patrol who will notice you picking the locks.

Enter the Temple via the roof, and take care that you don't trigger the conversations of the Guards in the Graveyard and in the 1rst floor. Avoiding only 2 Hammers on patrol is easier than avoiding 5 of them.

Well, or hammer everyone before they even suspect that something is wrong. The best place for all the corpses is in the graveyard, behind the S gravestone.

The Highpriest
The Highpriest

This guy has some loot, a special key, and a holy hammer in his room. You want everything.

Try to avoid him as well as you can. When he is meditating in the small room to the right of the entrance, head in and get as much as you can. Be sure that he will most likely notice you, though.

To better your chances, shoot a moss arrow on the hallway outside of his room, and another moss arrow into his small, tiled, extra room with the table. If you enter his room only when he is right of the entrance to his room, he may not notice you. And he seems to be the only one who does not take notice if an item is amiss.

Or duel him. You have the hammer, he has the spells. If you are good and fast enough, you can win.

Some Fun Stuff

Fun begins with rooftops. It is possible (and recommended) to enter the Temple via the roof instead of via the front gate.

You enter the roof via the small ledge above a door in the streets E of the main entrance. It is too small for you to stand on it, but you can reach the red wall in the N from it.

The best way into the inside is the wall as the Graveyard. If you jump down to the roof of the W Novices' bedroom, you can reach it even without recieving any damages.

Once you are in, you can control which conversation will be triggered. I.e. the two Hammers in the Graveyard won't talk until you enter a certain radius around them - perfect to avoid having to deal with tons of patroling Hammers in the basement.

A nice view
A nice view

Well, and as I said before: Hammering people to death does not count as dealing damages.

The final
The final

Once you are good enough with your hammer to kill a Priest, you are good. On this picture, you can see lots of dead Hammerites.

Trust me, a nice slaughterfest is ideal for anyone after a frustrating attempt to play this mission in the "Lytha way"...

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