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Hints for "Return to the Cathedral"

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General Remarks about "Return to the Cathedral" in the "Lytha way"

Playing RTC in the 'Lytha way' is fun. It is scary, it has several funny puzzles, and it has lots of Haunts with their creepy voices.

But in Thief Gold, it has become harder. Playing RTC in the original Thief meant: Grab all the loot, block the main entrance with a skull, get the Eye and run out. Playing RTC in Thief Gold needs more dirty and twisted-minded little tricks - but it is still possible to play the mission without the Murus quests. Of course, it takes longer now (I needed about 10 minutes in my first experiment), but nevertheless, it is still possible.

Hints for the more difficult Areas

The Situation

The Problem

The Solution

A Murus
A Murus

Murus, AKA "Caspar the friendly ghost", AKA "that annoying bastard" ;-) , will ask you to run several deliveries for him. That wouldn't be a problem, if he wouldn't ask you to get the corpses of Renault and Martello from the inside of the Cathedral; and if he wouldn't ask you to kill all the Haunts.

It helps if you carry Renault and Martello to the backdoor of the Cathedral at an early moment of the mission. It helps also to position some hammers to handy locations in the map (that is: Some to the altar of the Cathedral, some into the cloister). These advices are for the case that you want to play the mission in the full version, with the Murus quests.

And it helps to place 4 crates to the backdoor of the Cathedral, to avoid him as if he was infected by the pestilence, to stack 3 crates, to carry the 4rth with you onto the catwalk. You need the 4rth crate to reach the roof of St. Yora, and from there into the freedom.

The important point is that you must never allow Murus to talk to you. This picture should reveal completely what I mean with the word "catwalk". It's the stone thingie over Murus' and your head. :)

A Haunt
A Haunt

This Haunt did not also fall into the elevator shaft of St. Jenel and blocks the elevator, but it must also be killed now. (In the case that the player decided to play the full version of the mission, because it is definitely a fun mission, one will sooner or later reach the point where Murus asks to destroy all the Haunts.)

Killing a Haunt is an easy task, but there are only 2 ways to kill them without dealing any damages: (a) bless them with holy water (up to 4 water arrows are needed per Haunts), (b) throw a hammer at them (1-6 whacks needed, depends on their state of alertness, on the speed of the flying hammer, and on the vertical angle from where it is thrown - I am sure that there are some creepy physical laws embedded in the force of the flying hammer, but I did happily forget everything about physics after school.) ;)

In a nutshell: You will spend some time with throwing hammers at Haunts.

It is easier if you destroy the first Haunt already before you grab The Eye: Get the hammer that lies next to Martello, and throw it onto the stationary Haunt. 1 Haunt less to kill later in the mission.

Some Fun Stuff

Who would waste some precious goodies as the valuable Talismans on stupid stone wardens of a haunted Cathedral?

I am sure that i.e. the Mages would pay a good prize for the Talismans. So, it is logical to keep them, instead of wasting them to enter the Cathedral.

Run around the Cathedral, and collect all ripchests, and all skulls in a location close to the outer wall that you like. Stack the ripchests, and one or two additional skulls at the top. Turn to the wall, and mantle onto it.

From here, you can easily reach the roof of the Cathedral, have some fun up there, and reach the wall of the Garden of the cloister. Follow the wall, throw rocks at the Apparition ;) , and reach the roof of St. Yora. From here, you can't access the other roofs of the cloister, but you can reach the catwalk at the Garden. Slide down when there is no Undead around, and enter the Cathedral via the backdoor.

The roof of the Cathedral
The roof of the Cathedral

When you are on your way through the Cloister, there is no reason for not visiting the roofs of it.

The roofs of the Cloister
The roofs of the Cloister

You have at least two ways to reach the roof of the cloister: (a) mantle on the entrance of St. Vale, hop on the pedestal next to the cloistergate, hop on the next pedestal, and from there onto St. Jenel. (b) Collect all crates that you can find, and stack 4 of them to reach the roof of the bathhouse. You can reach roofs from here that are quite painful to reach when you have taken the easier way in (alternative (a).)

Enjoy especially the strange area N of St. Vale. I have no clue what purpose this area has, but I think that this may be around the (0;0;0) coordinates, or something like that.

Thrilling elements are also lots of in this mission.

A good example for a very scary situation is the moment when the player snatches The Eye. The gemstone likes to alert everyone, and the Haunts seem to be blurred a few seconds after The Eye was stolen. Amazingly scary, and that even in the 68th time through this mission. ;)

Oh, this thing in the right corner of the picture is one of the talismans. I enjoy bragging around. ;)

The Eye
The Eye

A funny glitch happened with two of the stationary Zombies. One is the one that guards the graveyard key in St. Jenel, the other one is in the last to one praying chamber in the basement of St. Jenel.

A Zombie
A Zombie in St. Jenel

This guy will only move when you approach him from the side, or when you enter one of the other praying chambers. If you approach his door from the sarcophagus-shrine thingie opposite of the praying chambers, straight ahead, he will not move at all.

Enjoy the feeling to stand directly infront of a Zombie without having to fear for your life, lean into him, and get his hammer. Close his door, and leave again in a straightforward manner, so that he will never be triggered to attack you.

And, finally, two examples of locations where one is indeed not supposed to be.

Before you start your search for a way to this location, I recommend that you take a real safe slot. Or you have to throw some boxes or other climbable objects to this place so that you can leave it again. :)

What the... ?
What the... ?

Do you recognize this lamp? If no, never mind. If yes: Yes, there is a way up to there. :)

A Streetlamp
A Streetlamp

Well, enjoy this view. It is, infact, easier than I had expected.

How? Nah... if you know that there is a way in, you can also find it yourself. ;)

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