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Hints for "Strange Bedfellows"

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General Remarks about "Strange Bedfellows" in the "Lytha Way"

Above everything else, Strange Bedfellows is a fast and straight forward mission. It gets more difficult when one attempts to get the piece of loot, but overall it is nevertheless quickly done.

Hints for the more difficult Areas

The Situation

The Problem

The Solution

The last piece of loot
The last piece of loot

This is the last piece of loot in the entire game. Getting it, though is a pain, because it is in a distant corner of the lower level of the Temple.

I recommend to enter the temple from the roof for getting this piece of loot. It is easier to wait on the roof of the Novices' Quarters that the Apes are away, rather than running down the main stairs.

Or, well, you decide that you don't want to risk your life for 100 in gold... ;)

The Builder's Chisel
The Builder's Chisel

Even though I have no idea what the Hammerites want to do with this chisel, the player is forced to get it for them. Because it is in a cave with 2 Spiders, this is not very funny.

I recommend to run in and out of this cave in a very mad run. If you are quick enough, the Spiderbeast will miss you. And if you run down to the next level as fast as possible (or run back to the ladder to the Temple, climb up, and wait there that the commotion ends), you can outrun the Spiders when they are following you.

Or, if you are not a purist, gas at least the Spiderbeast.

Some Fun Stuff

Personally, I think that Strange Bedfellows does not give very much opportunities for strange experiments and fun. But this is again just a subjective thing. :)

Reaching the roof of the Temple is always fun, but that was already fun and new in Undercover. With the training from that other mission, you should be able to reach the roof of the Temple easily, and if you want to, then pay also the other roofs a short visit.

The view down to the streets is always nice and pretty, but it is not really something new.

The roof
The roof

Okay, there is a reason not to visit the roofs - the renderer tends to collapse because it has to render too many polygons. But this should not keep us from trying to reach the end of the worlds. ;)

The Siege
The besieged (unconcious) Hammerites

Sadly, one is not allowed to have some sadistical fun with the Hammerites in none of the difficulty settings.

But one can even the odds: There is no rule that forbids to use all gas utensils on the besieged Hammerites - so that the Apebeast will at least have a small chance to survive.

A recommendation: Don't try this before you got the key... ;)

An interesting fact is that the lights will go out when you shoot gas arrows into the siege. And another interesting fact is that this friendly Ape on the picture died after a short while. He had firstly killed the only remaining Hammerite, and then, all out of the sudden, he died. I am sure that I didn't cause his death, though.

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