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Hints for "Into the Maw of Chaos"

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General Remarks about "Into the Maw of Chaos" in the "Lytha Way"

The Maw of Chaos is also a relatively quick mission. It is also extremely linear, but is also has the hugest tree of the entire game. And climbing trees is always a pleasure.

Hints for the more difficult Areas

The Situation

The Problem

The Solution


There are 3 Frogs, happily hopping around. You want to get past them, and this without loosing too many hitpoints.

Frogs have the habit to stand still for a few seconds when they hear a suspicious sound. So, shoot a broadhead on the wall, and run.

Because they jump around so much, it is also difficult to snipe them in a normal gaming mode. I recommend here also to shoot an arrow at the wall, so that they hold still for a moment.


These Fireelementals guard a bridge across some lava. They are also guarding several fire arrows. And there are as good as no shadows in this cave.

Running helps, and if that is not enough, noise distraction to the other wall of the cave with a broadhead arrow.

Luckily, they won't follow you down the next icy slope. :)

Some Fun Stuff

The two examples involve, once again, climbing to 'unreachable' areas. Even though there is no roof to climb in this mission, one can still climb around in other areas.

One of these areas is of course the Huge Tree. It is an obstacle that demands to be climbed. ;)

Climbing up the tree also allows an arachophobiac to reach the next cave (uhm... the Spiders' Lair) without having to run through the Spiders in the inside of the tree.

The Huge Tree
The Huge Tree

Watching the destruction of the Trickster from a good position in the first row is also a funny task.

The End
The End

To reach this area, you should make sure that he does not hear or see you. Then head to the caves left and right of the entrance to the ritual area, and climb up. If you shoot a rope arrow into the ceiling, you can see the End from directly above.

It is, according to Thumper, also possible to slide down to the bubbles with the monsters and to ride on them for a while. But because the fall takes too many hitpoints, this should only be done in Normal Difficulty.

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