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Hints for "Break from Cragscleft Prison"

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General Remarks about "Cragscleft" in the "Lytha Way"

This mission is still one of the easiest missions if one does not intend to draw an offensive weapon, but to get all the loot, and maybe even all the items and pickpockets. I would define its difficulty as something between Assassins and the Bonehoard: It contains some very sneaky parts as in Assassins, but also some areas that seem to be solveable only by mad runs.

Hints for the more difficult Areas

The Situation

The Problem

The Solution

A Hammerite Priest
A Hammerite Priest

This Priest is facing a torch, and more troublesome, a staircase that is in plain light. He does not idle around, and he never moves.

To enter the barracks, I recommend to use a broadhead arrow as noiise distraction, shot at the wall behind the Priest. Or, if you are fast enough and have a bit of luck, then just run past him, and maybe he will not even reach attention level 1.

Leaving the barracks with him still standing down there needs also some speed and some luck - but he will not follow you very far.

What? The mission fails now? Wait a moment - I said: at the wall behind that Priest, not into his face. ;-)

Another Hammerite Priest
The main altar of the barracks

At this altar are positioned 3 Hammerites: One Guard on patrol, one Novice (harmless and silly), and one Priest. One the altar is a GoldHammer.

Sneak into the shadow right of the altar, in the hallway where the Guard is on patrol. Shoot some moss arrows onto the stairs, and into the hallway. Make sure you get all the attention of the 3 Hammerites (jump a little bit up and down, when the Guard comes into sight), and run away in a clockwise-direction. When you have reached the shadows left of the altar, you will notice that all 3 Hammerites now have their backs turned. Take this opportunity to grab the GoldHammer.

After that, it is recommended to head to the shadow right of the altar. As soon as the Hammerites stop searching, you can steal the key from the Priest.


This is Basso. He is unconcious, so you have to carry him out.

The Problem is, that the good man is definitely more well-fed in Thief Gold than he was in Thief. This means, to carry him significantly slows Garrett down.

Nevertheless, I would recommend to run out with him on the shoulders - without staying anywhere for long. The way through the factory and to the stairs down to the mines will be a pain, though - so I recommend to take the elevator down to the mines.

It is rumored that it is easier to get Basso out when a small gang-war was inflicted at the frontier Mines/Factory...

Some Fun Stuff

Personally, I think that the fun in Cragscleft is a little bit limited - it is not possible to end the mission in a smart-ass way (knock out Cutty, get him out of the mines without drowning him). Even if he leaves the prison as fine and healthy as we know him, the mission will not end then.

And this mission lacks some "unreachable" areas. In most cases (as i.e. when the player hops over the wooden gate at the starting position), the mission just fails.

Nevertheless, we have luckily one of the funniest enemy of the entire game in this mission: The sitting Skeleton.

Even though it is definitely not a creature in the dromed-philosophy, it adds some fun. Who did not want to sneak at a sitting Skeleton from behind, and steal its skull? :-)

Sadly, the fun ends here then again. It has no effect at all where the skull is located, when the trap is triggered. This means, that placing the skull at a strategical valuable location i.e. in the prison will not kill any Hammerites. The trap will just be set off as usual, be there a skull or not.

A sitting Skeleton
A sitting, beheaded Skeleton

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