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Walkthrough for "Escape"

You can't purchase anything for this mission.

But if you are new to this, then prepare to need an entire day for this mission. Or longer. And prepare to be scared several times. Let me also encourage you to take several real saveslots in the course of this mission. I can't take any guarantees for the correctness of the compass directions that I name here, but they should give you an idea about what areas I am talking.

1.)   The Entrance Area

You start with nothing in your inventory but with your sword. I can only guess that the Trickster did not find and take it from you because it is invisible - or the Keepers have given it to you in the cutscene. To make the horror even more complete, you have only 5 hitpoints now (this is in Expert difficulty surely not as scary as in Normal, though.)

You start in the temple-room in the Garden of the Mansion. Unlike previously, now the doors to the Garden are locked and unpassable for you (you don't have any lockpicks no more), but the other door is open.

Start with getting the items from behind the altar. You will find your blackjack, 2 rope and 3 noise arrows there. Take a left at the crossing. Then go through the open door, and crouch to the railing of the entrance ramp. When the 3 enemies who patrol down there are somewhere to the right (in the S), head down the slope. You will find a moss arrow and a fire arrow down here. Get them, and hurry into the half-high cave in the left wall (this is in the further passages described as "the half-high cave"). This small cave and its higher floor will be your best friend in the next hours. Explore the higher level of it by shooting a rope arrow into the wooden beam in the ceiling, and climb up. Get what you find up here (a water arrow and a gem). Then head back down. Let the rope arrow where it is, because you will want to climb up to the 2nd floor of this cave several times now. And in most cases, you will be in a blind panic.

Wait for a good moment, and hurry up to the entrance again. Now explore the area S of the entrance, and get what you find there (a water arrow and a healing fruit.)

If you eat one of these purple fruits, you will heal 2 damages. In the different floors of the mission are about 13 of these fruits - that means, be a little bit careful not to get hurt all the time.

Run back to the entrance as quick as possible, shoot your rope arrow into the wooden surface above the cave E of the entrance. Run + jump at the rope, and enter the small cave. You will find lots of equipment in here, and some loot (1 gas-, 6 broadhead-, 2 noise arrows, 1 mine, 2 gas mine, 2 flashbombs). Wait, crouched at the E wall, that the enemies down there have calmed down again, and then retrieve your rope arrow, jump down, and head to the half-high cave.

2.)   The Spiders' Caves in the N

Once you are alone again, head to the cave E of the half-high cave. Get the healing fruit, and hurry into the hallway to your left. This hallway leads you into the northern Spiders' Caves, and therefore to the informations about the plans of the Trickster.

First of, get the water arrows from the vertical pool in the left tunnel. Then head back into the grey tunnel, get the nugget from the second skeleton, and wait that the Spider approaches you from ahead. When it has turned again, trail it. If you are lucky, and quick enough, you can get the arrows from the tunnel, plus reach the first tunnel to the left without alerting the patroling Spider.

Down there is a stationary Spider in a cave. Douze the torch of its cave, and sneak in. If you move slowly, and hug the right wall, you can cross this cave, and leave it to the other tunnel without alerting the stationary Spider. Follow this tunnel, because it leads you to the treehouse with the information. At the end of this tunnel is a perfect shadow. Sit down, and admire the view to your enemies.

You want to enter the treehouse ahead of you now. Shoot a rope arrow into the side of the wooden platform, wait that the Bugbeasts have their backs turned, and run to the rope. Then climb the rope, mantle on the platform, and run into the house. If you were quick enough, neither a frog exploded at your feet, nor a bugcloud hit you. Explore the inside of the treehouse (you find 1 mine, 1 gas-, 2 ropearrows, 1 flashbomb, and some loot in here). Read the book so that the objective is solved, and wait a good while until it seems that the enemies down there are calmed down again.

Then sneak out again, retrieve your rope arrow. Jump down without loosing too many hitpoints, and run back through the Spider tunnels to the half-high cave.

Take a long break now, and then go again into the N spider caves. This time, you want to get the arrows and the loot from the caves of the stationary spiders. This attempt will end in a mad run, but make sure that you get at least the piece of loot. (You can find here: 1 moss arrow in the NE cave, 1 water arrow and a nugget in the E cave, 1 water arrow in the SW cave, 1 moss arrow and 4 water arrows in the tunnel in the SE).

And while you are already in a mad run, take a left in the tunnel in the SE, run past the Spider, and start the attempt to get the gas arrow, the 2 water arrows, and the fire arrow from the starshaped ritualfires. It is easier when you alert the stationary Fireelemental while still being in the tunnel, because it will fly to your position via the Spider tunnels then.

However, try to escape from this area with your life after you got everyone alerted (this should be your main goal, because this provides you with two unvoluntary allies: Alerted or angry Fireelementals hurt everything non-fireproof.), and head back to the half-high cave. Wait there now for a very long time. You have now, while Garrett is sitting in the 2nd floor of this cave, time to do whatever you always wanted to, as i.e. phoning someone, or getting yourself something to eat.

3.)   Center of the tunnels: The two Treehouses

Head to the caves S of the entrance. Behind the tree in the very S is a tunnel that leads you to the ledge where you can mantle into one of the treehouses (look at the left wall of the tunnel). Don't forget to snatch the 2 nuggets from the grey wall to your right (this is, btw., the "entrance to the southern Spiders' caves") and the moss arrow from the floor.

Ignore every eventual Ape down in the tunnel, and follow the tunnel to the northern treehouse. Enter it, when no Fireelemental is to see or to hear. You will find in this treehouse: 1 flashbomb, 1 rope-, 1 noise-, 10 broadhead arrows, and 2 gas mines.

When you leave the treehouse again, you should head N on the outer platform. In the very N of it, is a perfect shadow. Wait here, and try to figure out if there is anyone left on patrol besides the Fireelemental, and if there is an Ape in the tunnels in the N. Once you think that the time is ripe, jump back to the floor, get the items (1 nugget, 1 fruit) from the floor, and hide in the dark small cave ahead of the treehouse.

In the tunnels in the N may be one Ape left, but there is also a fire arrow and another healing fruit. Also you can find a moss arrow in the nearby tunnel. If you want to get everything, shoot a moss arrow on the noisy pebble surface, hurry in and back into the small cave at the treehouse once you have what you came for.

Trail the Fireelemental to the S treehouse. It is easier, if you douze the torch opposite of the starshaped ritualfires. On your way to the S treehouse, you will find a water arrow and some loot in the tunnel in the N. Hide yourself in the cave with the S treehouse, and wait that noone is around. Then get the items from the floor (2 healing fruits, 1 moss arrow), and climb into the treehouse with a rope arrow. Up there, you will find: 2 noise arrows, 1 book, 2 flashbombs, 1 gas mine, 1 mine, and some irrelevant debris.

And now, the time is ripe for another panicked run. Once the Fireelemental is in the tunnels NE of you, hop back to the floor (don't forget to retrieve your rope arrow), and run back to the connection between the two treehouses. In the tunnels to your left (in the N), you will find lots of loot, several water arrows, and a moss arrow - but also two Apebeasts. Run, and head right, and you should return to the tunnel where you can mantle up to the N treehouse. Make it so.

Be warned - if you want to try to sneak through this area, you will encounter serious problems because of the flickering lights. I.e. the niche N of the entrance to these tunnels is definitely not a good place to hide.

Back in the tunnel that leads you to the N treehouse, take another break.

4..)   The Spiders' Caves in the S

Douze the torch next to the entrance to the S Spiders' Caves, if you hadn't done this already. Then wait that the Apes are somewhere else, and head into the shadow at the entrance to the caves. Watch the patrol patterns of the two Spiders.

Prepare now for a really mad run. Valuable items are either in the main corridor (1 moss), or in the caves with the stationary Spiders (in the left is a nugget). Avoid the caves to the ahead and right (there is nothing of value), and keep always going left.

The direct way to the entrance hall of the 'civilised' basement is the tunnel to the left, with the noisy pebble stone (with a water arrow, a fire arrow, and a moss arrow)

If you lost every sense of directions now because you are in a blind panic (running into a Spider's lair is not very funny for everyone), then just run around like a maniac until you find either the way (via mantling) to the N treehouse, or the half-high cave N of the entrance. Running around in panic for a long while is good, because the Spiders will loose your track then most probably. Wait until you've calmed down again, and then head to the entrance hall of the 'civilised' basement.

5.)   The 'civilised' Basement

The Ape who patrolled the tunnels to the entrance hall should have fallen victim at this time to the angry Fireelemental. You have to avoid getting seen by the Fireelemental only now. Find the entrance hall, and reach the shadows in the hallway past it. Wait there, crouched against the left wall, that there is no Ape around.

Then hurry into the hallway, and sneak into the shadowy niche in the right wall. Wait here again, until the time is ripe, and follow the hallway to the next shadow. This area is more or less ideal for sneakers.

When you have reached the metal slope up to the middle level of the basement, be - again - careful that there is no Ape around. Then run up, and hide on the ledge in the space-room (follow the hallway, and look out for an opening in the right wall).

Once the commotion has come to an end, get the items from this level of the basement (1 moss, 1 healing).

To reach the next level of the basement, you may want to shoot a moss arrow on the metal slope. It is also recommended to douze the torch in the higher level. Head up, and hide in the niche in the higher floor, and then attempt the cave on this level of the basement. This cave is haunted by a Spider. Sneak in, get the arrows (10 broadhead, 1 water), and sneak out.

Head up to the highest level of the basement, get the healing fruit from behind one of the barrels, open the door, and go to the stairs. You are now in the E part of the Mansion.

6.)   The 1rst floor of the Mansion

Douze the N torch, get the healing fruit. The barrels in the room ahead of you are your friends: They are able to entrap patroling Apes of the N parts of the mansion. If necessary, push the barrels around a bit, until there is no way past them. That is, after you got the nugget from the higher level of the stairs. This is easiest done by pushing the smaller barrel at the side of the huger barrel. This blockade will catch at least one of the Apes.

Now head to the N door of the staircases, lean out, and shoot a moss arrow on the bright part of the hallway to the W. Crouch to the W end of the shadow, lean into the hallway, and douze the torch. If you are quick enough now, the frog behind the bush in the W will not notice you when you enter the bar.

Head past the bar, and get the loot and the healing fruit. Now jump on the bar, and slide into the shadow S of it to the entrance of the stairs hall. Douze the torches in the hall, and sneak in.

The Bugbeast in the hall has stolen your loot. The purse lies on the floor, at the feet of it. Get it back. Head up the stairs, and get the gas arrow and the healing fruit. Back down the stairs.

Enter the dining room, douze the torch, and get the gem. In the kitchen is a healing fruit. Douze the torch in the hallway W of the dining room, and sneak into the hallway W of the Kitchen to get the gem. Sneak to the Frog in the S of the hallway, and enter the W staircases. At the top of the stairs are a fruit and a gem. There is also a moss arrow on the 1rst floor of the stairs.

Now you have a problem: Each hallway to the S of the Mansion, and therefore to the way out, is mined with a Frog. Let the Frog in this hallway explode at your feet, so that you can proceed into the SW of the 1rst floor. Shoot a moss arrow on the floor of the hallway infront of the door to the SW room, and head in. In one of the niches of the wardrobe are 6 broadhead arrows.

You can avoid the Bugbeast in the next room by both douzing the torch, and shooting a moss arrow on the floor. It helps also if you douze the torch at the top of the ladder. Cross the room, climb up the ladder, and get the loot.

You can escape via the balcony now, if you don't have a strange and neurotic fixation on getting all the loot. ;)

7.)   The last piece of Loot

If you want the last 100 loot, then avoid the Ape in the Bedroom, and head down the ladder again. Head for the main entrance to the Mansion: The last piece of loot is in the tower E of it. If you are not a purist, then gas the enemies in this corridor, if you are a purist: Good Luck.

Try to get the full attention of everyone and run back then through dining room and bar, then you may have enough time to get the gem and maybe also the fire arrow. Then just hurry out through the main entrance, and the mission will end.

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