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Walkthrough for "Strange Bedfellows"

If you are new to this, then purchase the moss arrows, some water arrows, the healing potion, and several of the gas utensils in the loadout screen of this mission.

1.)   The last piece of loot in the entire game

First of, enter the Temple via the front entrance, and get the items from the barracks and the wings W and E of the main hall.

Important Note: Avoid the Bugbeasts at any cost here. As soon as you have dealt one single damage to any of them, you will otherwise get a new objective: to kill all the Bugbeasts. So, if you are not keen on hammering every single Bugbeast to death, avoid them.

When you have everything that you can get more or less easily, I recommend that you leave via the front entrance again, to reach the graveyard from the roof, as you have done already in Undercover. Reaching the roof in this mission is even easier: Just follow the street to the E, and you will find a grey wall that you can easily mantle on. From there, you can reach the E balcony, and from its railing, the roof. Then head NW, and slide down to the roof of the Novices' Quarters. Wait up there that none of the two Apes is around, and then hurry to the W Priest Quarters. To be able to move faster, use some moss arrows on the noisy floor tiles in the hallway.

Eventually a Frog will encounter you in the W hallway, while you are attempting to get all the items from the quarters. If you can't avoid it, let him blow himself up at your feet. (Or, if you are not a purist, use a gas arrow on him.) Once you have cleaned the W wing of the Quarters, proceed to the kitchen and dining room. You will find nothing of value in here, but in the basement are some flashbombs and other equipment. Explore the Basement.

Once you are finished with exploring the Basement, take the E stairs up, and open the door to the Priest Quarter in the very SE. Maybe another Frog will attempt to explode in your face now. Either try to avoid him, or let it happen. Then get the purse, and head back via the S and W hallway to the stairs (you don't want to take the E hallway, because the Spiders in the Highpriest's room would most probably see you then).

Head to the Garden in the E, and mantle again on the lower grey wall in the S. Head back to the roof, and slide down to the W balcony. You can sneak through the Library without getting seen by the Spiderbeast, if you time your movement with its patrol pattern. Enter the Main Chapel, and follow the ladder where once the altar has been.

2.)   The caverns

The ladder leads you directly into the caverns. In here are enough perfect shadows to avoid getting seen by any Ape or other fiend.

Cross the next cave, when you can't hear any footsteps. Take a right at the crossing, and hurry to the shadow behind the pillar in the next cave. This shadow is not in the patrol pattern of any of the enemies, so feel free to sit down and take a break.

Once you think that you want to continue, follow the tunnel to the right. Hold right, and if necessary, hide in other shadows. Once you have reached a cave with two Spiders, you have done well. Sit in the shadow at the entrance, and observe. You can make it into this cave, get the chisel from behind the bank ahead of you, and get out alive - but you have to make it extremely quick.

Follow the tunnel out of this cave until you reach a sarcophagus. If there are no Spiders chasing you, you can sit down in the shadow between the sarcophagus and the entrance to the cave with the way down. If two Spiders are chasing you, just head down the slope to the deeper level of the caverns.

The next level is pretty boring: It contains only a locked door, a corpse, and a bugcloud. Take the only possible way down to the deeper level.

In each of the rooms around the central hall in this level are some elemental crystals. Get yourself the 'earth' (moss), fire, water, 'air' (gas) arrows, and then take the corridor right of the room with the gas arrows.

If crossing the main hall should be a problem: you can either drown the Ape in the water room, or hide from him in the air room. He will most probably also not follow down the stairs to the besieged Hammerites.

3.)   The besieged Hammerites

Get the attention of the stationary Hammerite at the window, and listen to him. Grab the map and the key, read the map, and head back up the stairs.

The objective with the Builder's Chisel is a jumpy one. It is checked when you are close to one of the windows to the besieged Hammerites, and not checked when you are in a distance to the Hammerites. Just ignore its switching attitude, and proceed to the Highpriest. Because the mission objectives demand that you bring the Highpriest to the Hammerites, the chisel-objective will be checked off when you are bringing him to one of the windows.

If you despite Hammerites (because you remember Cragscleft and their annoying attitude all too well), and want to even the odds for the followers of the Trickster, then use your gas arrows and gas mines while the Hammerite is still talking to you. The Ape has better chances to survive, when he has not to fight half a dozen of these fanatics.

With the key in your pocket, head up to the locked door in the highest floor of the main cave.

4.)   The Highpriest

Open the door, hurry inside, and lock the door - in the case that any of the minions of the Trickster should be in your back at this time. Then have a look at your new map. On the map, you can see that there is a way down, if you follow the outer hallway in a clockwise direction. It helps when you stay in the small and shadowy niches when an Ape crosses you on his patrol.

Once you have reached the area that leads you to the river and the raft, head down to the deeper level. In this level, they are holding the Highpriest, and you can see him already when you look through the opening in the right wall now. I don't recommend, that you hurry now straighforward to him. Instead, douze the fire in the room with the 2 Apes and the Highpriest, turn, and head left now.

When you follow the outer rooms of this level in a clockwise direction, you will sooner or later come to a door behind one of these couples of Apes at the fires. Unlock the door.

Head from here through the center of the room. You will hear a Bugbeast right of you, and see a skeleton in a plant (creepy!) on the floor. Just follow the shadows, and you should reach the second entrance to the place with the Highpriest. Hurry in (keep to the shadows next to him), grab him, and leave as you came in.

If you should loose the direction to the door on your way back, then turn your gamma to a higher level. Cross the skeleton, and look out for a fire with two Apes.

The journey via the waterway with the Highpriest is not recommended. He keeps falling from the raft, and he drowns quickly.

Once you have reached the door in this level, just run through it into the tunnel that leads you down. You will find another door down there, but because most surely no Ape is chasing you now, you have all the time you want to unlock it.

As soon as you approach the window to the besieged Hammerites in the left wall, the mission will end.

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