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Walkthrough for "Return to the Cathedral"

If you are new to this, then purchase the moss arrows, the speed potions and the healing potions in the loadout screen of this mission.

Disclaimer: Because I really enjoy this mission, I typically don't take any shortcuts (as i.e. blessing the holy symbol before going to Graveyard). Feel free to take any shortcuts as you wish - but the here described way is the most 'authentic' way through the mission. ;)

1.)   Getting into the Cathedral in the most stylish way

You don't want to waste the Talismans, because you are sure that you can get a pretty good prize for them, as i.e. from the Mages who are obviously highly interested in them. So, collect 4 ripcases and 2 skulls (1 skull should already be enough, but we want to have it comfortably), and stack them in a place of your liking. Mantle on the outer wall.

If you enjoy reaching strange places, then take a real save slot when you are on the eastern outer wall, and hop down. Head to the N, and you will find a pretty 'no-no' area. :) But if you didn't throw some crates or several other climbing objects to the place outside of the wall, you are trapped there. Reload or restart after you had some fun, and head back to the top of the outer wall.

Follow the outer wall to the W. You can run+jump at the balcony-like roof of the tower in the W. Make it so, and explore the roof. Once you have finished the exploration, head to the NW of the roof. From here you can jump on the wall of the garden or jump directly to the roof of St. Yora. In both cases, you will recieve most probably 1 damage. From the roof of St. Yora, you can hop down to the "catwalk" at the garden. Slide down from here into the garden in an appropriate moment (that means, when no Undead is around). Take this opportunity to get the water arrows from the pond in the Garden. Head to the backdoor of the Cathedral.

2.)   Getting the loot from inside of the Cathedral

I recommend that you grab now all the loot from the Cathedral. Feel free to explore it however you wish, but take care that you don't alert the Undead, yet. Also don't get The Eye at this time. It is quite important that you turn on the power in the Basement, so that the elevators are working again. Getting the necklace from the belltower is easy, if you carry a crate to its 1rst floor.

When you have all the loot from the Cathedral, begin some preparations for the time after grabbing The Eye.

3.)   Preparations...

It is easier to carry items to appropriate locations (as i.e. to the backdoor of the Cathedral) now, instead of having to get them out of the Cathedral when every Undead in the Cathedral is on patrol and angry.

This is the time that you should decide if you want to play the mission with the Murus quests or not.

If yes ( = you want to enjoy the authentic feeling), then carry Renault and Martello to the backdoor, place at least one hammer into the shadow at the altar of the Cathedral, place a reserve-hammer at the backdoor, fill your health to the maximum on the everlasting healing fontain, and prepare yourself for a very long evening in the Cathedral.

If no ( = you don't want to enjoy the authentic feeling and you are a jumpy and nervous person who dislikes RTC), then carry some boxes to the backdoor (4 are sufficient), and start the loot-hunt in the cloister. In this case, continue directly with phase 5 of this walkthrough, once you have all the loot.

4.)   Getting The Eye

To get The Eye in the easiest way, follow the stairs to the 3rd floor, follow it to the NE of the Cathedral, slide down to the 2nd floor, and open the door. You can get The Eye from the ledge of the room in the very NE, by leaning forward to it.

As soon as you have it, the hell will break out in the 1rst floor. Ignore the strangely blurred Haunts, and head back to the elevator in the SE. To get the really authentic feeling, try to open the (because you entered via the roof) anyway locked door, so that The Eye can tell you its sadistical comment. Enjoy, and head back to the NEE of the 2nd floor.

From here, you can wait safely until the Undead have calmed down. Wait for an appropriate moment, and hurry to the shadow NW of the altar. From here, you can - later in the mission, if you take the Murus quests - easily whack the Haunts with the hammer that you put here while the preparation phase. Now, however, you just want to wait here for an unobserved moment, and hurry to the backdoor of the Cathedral.

5.)   Escape in the 'easy' way

Sneak out, and stay in the shadow at the backdoor. Put your crates on the ledge left of you. Sneak through the first "window" into the Garden, when no Undead is around. This should not get you the attention of Murus, yet.

Stack the crates. You need 3 crates in a stack. Now take the 4rth, and mantle onto the catwalk (where you did come in). Head to the NW, and reach the roof of St. Yora with the help of your 4rth crate. It helps if you place is in a short distance of the roof, so that you can have a run start.

Wave 'goodbye' at every Apparition, Zombie, Haunt, and Murus in the Garden, and go to the wall of the Garden. Follow it. The mission will end as soon as you have reached the outer walls of the Cathedral. That happens - of course - only when the objectives hadn't changed already. Enjoy your cleverness, and prepare for the cutscene. :)

6.)   Escape in the 'normal' way

If you had chosed right ( ... that is, if you said 'yes' to Murus ;) ), then just walk into Murus. He will greet you, and because you fall down the broken stairs now in an attempt to avoid getting seen by the Undead in the Garden, he will bless you with a change in the objectives at the feet of the broken stairs. His first quest for you is to retrieve his rosary.

6.1.) The Rosary

The Rosary is in the 2nd floor of St. Yora. Follow the stairs W of you, take the stairs right of you once you are inside, get the water arrows from the shrine. Stay in the shadow, and wait that there is no Zombie in the first room, then head into it. Jump onto the bed, search a perfect shadow, play around with the door ahead of you, and wait for a moment to run into the next room.

As soon as you think that the time is ripe, hurry into the next room, and at once into the next to the left. Hide in the shadow left of its entrance, and wait again. In the room E of you (the one with the broken entrance), you can see a chest. In this chest is a purse; so wait until there is no Zombie around, hurry into the shadow of the broken entrance, and get the purse from the chest. In the room in the N is also a chest, but it contains only some debris. Wait in the broken entrance that no one is around, and run like a maniac to the W. There is a perfect shadow directly at the door S of you. Hide there, and wait again. Then hurry into Murus' room, and hide in the shadow closest to the S wall. When you think that you can leave the shadow without alerting a Zombie, approach the chest with your squaretoothed lockpick readied. Get the rosary, and hurry as quick as possible back into the shadow.

Even though it is quite yucky, the Undead won't notice you when they touch you when passing by. That is, as long as you are in a perfect shadow, and crouched, and as close to the wall as possible. Try not to get sick by the stench. ;)

Now hurry back the way you came in, avoid the Zombies, and run back to the 1rst floor. Run back to Murus' usual hideout at the foot of the stairs to St. Yora. He will thank you, and provide you with the next quest.

6.2.) The Holy Symbol

This time, he wants you to create a Holy Symbol in St. Tenno. St. Tenno is the building N of the entrance to the cloister.

Hide in the shadow S of the entrance of St. Tenno, until it seems that no Undead are inside. Then run in, hide - just in case - in the shadowy compartment right of the entrance. When everthing is nice and clear, hurry to the left.

The Holy Symbol of the Hammerites should be quite easy to recognize. It is the third in the lower row. Produce it (first place the MultiMold on the metal pedestal, then close it with the left lever, then pull the right to fill the metal into the mold, wait that the right lever switches back automatically, open the mold with the left lever, and get you holy symbol.)

If you enjoy producing junk while Undead are on patrol next to you, then try also the other MultiMold forms. Personally, I really enjoy the winecellar key. ;)

Make sure that you are, while the process of producing your holy symbol, always as close to the W wall as possible. You don't want the Undead catch a sight of you.

Once you have your precious holy symbol, wait that the footsteps of the Undead indicate that you are alone in this tract of St. Tenno. Run to your most prefered hideout N of the entrance, and leave St. Tenno again.

Go back to Murus at the feet of the stairs to St. Yora, to recieve the next quest.

6.3.) The Praying Book

Murus is getting evil now, with not telling you where to look for his book. But a book can most probably be found in a library, and so head to St. Vale now.

The IMHO easiest way to St. Vale is to go to the bath house S of St. Jenel (don't forget to grab the water arrows), and to take the narrow way close to the outer wall of the Cloister.

Once you have reached St. Vale, you can take this wonderful opportunity to visit the roofs of the cloister. Mantle on the entrance of St. Vale, jump to the pedestal left of the cloister gate, jump to the next pedestal, and from there to the roof of St. Jenel. From here, you can reach the roof of St. Vale, and from there you can reach the other areas of the roofs. Enjoy - but because it is highly likely that you get the attention of some Undead from the Cloister, you may want to reload once you have enough of the roofs.

Head to the shadow S of the entrance to St. Vale, and as soon as you think that there is no Undead inside no more, enter the building. Sometimes, the Undead get stuck inside, then it is time for a releasing F11-F12 combo. At the shrine next to the elevator is a healing potion. Get it.

If an Undead should have entered St. Vale in the mean time, wait in a perfect shadow of your liking, until he left again.

Now hop on the table in the W, and from there you can run + mantle on the upper floor. Get the book that is lying around here, and head back to the 1rst floor. Leave St. Vale once the time is ripe, avoid the Undead on your way back to Murus. He is still at the foot of the stairs to St. Yora.

6.4.) The Candle

Murus enjoys pushing you around to get some junk, and this time it is his candle. The candle is in the working area in the NW of St. Tenno, accessible via the 2nd floor of St. Tenno.

Enter St. Tenno, as you are now used to do. But this time, you head from the shadow N of the entrance to the N of the building. There you will find a metal stairs that lead you up to the 2nd floor. Get the piece of loot, the fire arrows, and approach the metal catwalk that leads you to the slope in the NW.

The catwalk is metal, and you are surely not alone no more in St. Tenno, so move as carefully, slow, and silent as you can. Put the crate out of your way, and walk+hop on the slope.

The candle, and a piece of loot, is on the roof of the tool shed. Climb to the roof with a rope arrow, and then head to the N, because there are stairs that lead you out. Slide down, have a look at the locked door of the Graveyard, and sneak back to Murus. In the passage from the Graveyard to the Cloister, the Undead won't notice you when you are ducked at the W wall.

6.5.) The Graveyard Key

In his enthusiasm about the fact that you are still alive, Murus will forget to tell you that the Graveyard is locked. The key is, however, in a chest in the N of St. Jenel.

Sneak into St. Jenel, get the loot, and arm yourself with the hammer from the "counting room" N of the entrance. Head to the elevator shaft, and hide yourself in the N corner. Now look down, and encounter (most probably) one of the bugs in this mission: There will be a Haunt down there in the elevator shaft; he is fallen down because of some strange random effects. If the Haunt is standing on the elevator platform, he is blocking it. Time for the first Haunt to meet death. Shoot a moss arrow on the elevator to reduce the noise a bit. Then throw your hammer on the Haunt - aim at the head. He should die with one hit. If not, reload and retry. Once he is dead, hop down, remove the corpse from the elevator platform, and head back to the 1rst floor.

If you are a very unlucky person, you may spot 2 or more Haunts down there. Kill one of them with your hammer, and wait that the other one leaves the elevator platform on his search because of the dead body. Then push the button so that the platform starts moving, slide down to the platform, take up the corpse, and hope that the elevator will move up now - before the other Haunt(s) is whacking life out of you with his sword.

If you don't see a Haunt down there in the elevator shaft, praise yourself as being a lucky person, and continue without this intermezzo.

In the room in the N is a Zombie, but he will not move unless you take the stairs to reach his floor. Just stay on the higher level, and slide down on the chest. Get the Graveyard key and the loot, shoot a rope arrow into the wall at the chest, and climb up. If you have done well, the Zombie will only moan a little bit louder than usual.

Leave St. Jenel, and hurry to the Graveyard. Murus' grave is in the quarter diagonally opposite of the entrance quarter. If you stay in the shadows, the Zombies won't even notice you. Take the opportunity to get the golden hammers from the graveyard, and then approach Murus. Shy and scared as he is, he will most probably stumble back a few steps when you approach him from a shadow.

6.6.) The Ritual

Follow Murus' instructions: first, 'use' the Rosary on his gravestone. Second, 'use' the candle on his gravestone. Third, 'use' the praying book ( = read the lampoon). Forth (theoretically) 'use' the holy symbol on this gravestone - but (doh!), Murus thinks that your holy symbol is not good enough for him, yet.

So, head back to St. Jenel now, and enter the basement via the elevator shaft. Avoid the 4 doors to your right (stay as far away from them as you can, that is), and pick the lock of the white metal door to your left. Hurry up the stairs (don't forget to take the arrows plus the moss arrows at the shrine next to the door), and throw your holy symbol into the Lunar Pool. Get it backl, and admire its new and improved outfit, because it is now a blessed holy symbol. Good grieves.

If you are a very twisted-minded roofclimber, then try now to reach the streetlamp at the top of St. Jenel - be warned: you need some climbing utensils now, and with your speed potion, it is easier. If your sick and twisted mind told you that you could use Zombie-parts to reach the lantern, then reload afterwards, because you don't really want to destroy any Zombies this time.

Leave this Astrologist's room, and approach carefully the door just ahead of you. Open it by means of leaning forward, and admire a Zombie who has forgotten how to move. Approach him straightforward, lean forward into him, and get his gold hammer. Then move gently backwards, close his door, and leave via the elevator shaft.

If you are really unlucky, a Haunt may fall onto your head when you enter the elevator shaft (!). And, once again, I went "Aaaaaaaaaaaargh!" while playing Thief. Not because he had noticed me when he fell on my head, but because I was extremely surprised by that event. ;)

Head back to your friend Murus (he is still waiting at his grave), and clonk the improved holy symbol against his gravestone, as soon as he told you to do so.

6.7.) Brother Renault

Murus is still not satisfied, but wants you to bury the other members of the former triade Murus, Renault, Martello now. The first one is Renault, and he died in the Winecellar.

I really hope for your mental stability now, that you did not just put a bottle into the hands of Renault when you found him in the winecellar earlier in the mission (and that you did not just try to stick a hammer into Martello's backside, or whatever strange ideas you might have had when you found him. ;) ) Because entering the Basement of the Cathedral is now truely a pain. I place usually both Martello and Renault at the inside of the backdoor of the Cathedral, while no Undead is yet alerted. Even though it is fun to place both corpses on the gargoyles over the main entrance of the Cathedral, it is now a pain to retrieve them again. ;)

Your way back into the Cathedral leads you through the 1rst floor of St. Yora. Take this opportunity to get the loot from here. While the items from the kitchen (don't forget the fire arrow from the top of the beams at the fireplace) are quite easy, you will encounter a major problem in the dining room. The right Zombie stands on a golden plate.

To solve this problem, wait until no additional patrolling Zombie and no Haunt are in sight. Then enter the dining room, grab the healing potion, and get the full attention of especially the right Zombie. Let him leave his niche, and approach you. Then run into his niche, get the loot, and hurry like a maniac out of the dining room (head to the E, and hide yourself in the shadow on the stairs.) Wait there that the commotion comes to an end, and then enter the office for the vase.

Good places to hide in this area of the 1rst floor of St. Yora are the shadow on the stairs, the shadow at the broken stuff right of the stairs, the shadow ahead of the broken stuff, closely to the right wall, the office, the corner S of the door to the garden.

Reach the shadow in the corner S of the door to the garden, and wait that the 2 Zombies and the Haunt are in the inside of the building. Then hurry to the Garden, and run to the backdoor of the Cathedral.

To make things easier, throw now both Martello and Renault down the broken stairs, and hop down, too. Hide Martello in the shadow close to the stairs to St. Yora, and get Renault to the Graveyard. His grave is in the quarter right from the entrance. Drop him into the grave, or hop into the grave with him on your shoulders.

Renault will thank you with a helpful information about a secret room in the wintertunnels, but lets ignore this for now. Get the attention of Murus, so that he can ask you to bury Martello now.

6.8.) Brother Martello

If you were clever, Martello is now at the stairs to St. Yora. Carry him to the Graveyard (his grave is in the quarter ahead of the entrance). Put him into his grave.

Murus has thought upon one more quest now. Not to lick his boots ;) , but very close to that: to go out and destroy all the Haunts. A nasty quest that doesn't please a person who tries to play without dealing any damages.

6.9.) The Haunts

The Haunts are the joyous skeletons who are laughing all the time, who enjoy falling down in the elevator shaft of St. Jenel, and who are wielding a sword. You don't need to destroy any of the other enemies. There are 9 Haunts in the mission: 4 in the Cloister, 1 in the Alchemist's cellar in the wintertunnels, 1 in St. Yora, and 3 in the Cathedral. To destroy a Haunt without dealing any damages, you can either shoot several holy water arrows in his face, or throw a hammer at him.

Begin your quest with the Haunts in the Cloister. Most probably, you have hammered already one or two Haunts who were fallen into the elevator shaft of St. Jenel. One of the best places to hammer the remaining Haunts is IMHO the shadow S of St. Vale. You can also hide the corpses in the shadow there.

Now head to the bath house, and take the elevator down to the wintertunnels. In the room left of you is another Haunt. If you enjoy sneaking, then get the loot from this room before killing the Haunt, if not, just stay in the shadow at the entrance, and throw your hammer at him whenever he comes close.

Now it is time to find the secret room of that Renault was speaking. Find the center of the wintertunnels: here is a picture in one of the walls. Drop your hammer onto the floor, and hop up and down while clicking on 'use' at the right side of this painting. If you are lucky, you will click eventually on the hidden button, before the Zombie comes near. In the secret room are water arrows, moss arrows, a mine, holy water, and several hammers, plus climbing utensils. Get what you want, and leave again. If you think that your current hammer is a luck-bringer, then take him with you, as you follow the wintertunnels to the next elevator.

Which elevator you may have taken, now it is time to approach the Haunt in St. Yora. Cross the dining room (wait for the commotion to stop in the shadow on the stairs), and throw in this hallway with your hammer at the Haunt whenever he passes by. Once he is dead, continue to the Cathedral.

The IMHO best position to kill the Haunts in the Cathedral is the shadow next to the altar, close to the door to the W. Whenever a Haunt passes by, you can whack him with your hammer - just make sure that you thrown in an angle that the hammer is not bounced against the door. If the hammer should bounce against the door, the Undead will enter the searching mode.

This subquest needs a lot of time, so be patient. Entertain yourself maybe with whacking your hammer also at the other Undead when they pass by.

Once you have killed the last Haunt, you will hear a similar sound as when you had thrown the holy symbol into the Lunar Pool. Now it's time to head back to the Graveyard.

6.10.) The "RTC Detonation Device"

Murus has now no further ideas for you no more, and so he will give you the key to the Armory. The Armory is in the Cathedral, 3rd floor, NW. Take the key, and head back to the Cathedral. Enjoy the strange silence on your way to the Cathedral - no laughing Haunts no more.

Even though you can of course just take the stairs up to the 3rd floor now, I recommend to shoot a rope arrow into one of the beams, and to climb up instead of taking the stairs. On the stairs, it is relatively likely that you stumble into a Zombie, and I don't want you to fall into a last panic now. :)

If you are feeling more secure, then lock the Armory door once you are in. Take the Detonation Device, the fire arrow, and the scroll. Read the scroll, and decide that you want to blow the cloister gate open now.

You can, of course, also leave via the catwalk in the Garden now, that the Murus quests are over. I am not sure, though, if the mission will end in the area of the main entrance, or if you have to follow the outer walls to the E, and reach the 'should be' exit from there. However, you can't blow the main entrance open with the RTC Detonation Device.

I don't keep you from climbing the roofs now, with the Detonation Device in your pocket, to have some fun with it at the roofs. Firework is always a pleasure. :)

Run back to the cloister gate, throw the Detonation Device close to the gate, step back as far as you can, and shoot a fire arrow at the Detonation Device. The remaining Undead will be highly alerted now, but the gate opens. Hurry out, wait a few seconds, and as soon as The Eye has said its final comment, the mission will end.

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