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Walkthrough for "Undercover"

If you are new to this, then purchase lots of moss arrows plus some healing potions in the loadout screen of this mission. If you don't bother to use gas arrows here and then, then buy also some of them.

1.)   Getting in

To increase your chances, I recommend that you enter the Temple via the roof - because this is the best way to control when which conversation begins, and when the Hammerites start their patrol.

To do so, follow the street to the E. At the eastern red wall, you see a doorframe in the wall left of it. You can mantle on this small ledge, but you will drop down again because it is too thin. That means, you have to turn immediately after mantling on the ledge towards the wall, and then run and jump. This allows you to mantle yourself on the red wall, and from there is it surely easy to reach the roof of the temple.

On the roof, head to the NW. You can reach the roof of the Novice's Quarters either by sliding directly onto it from the main roof, of via the walls of the Graveyard - surely more thrilling. ;-) However, from the roof of the Novice's Quarters, you will find another, deeper roof in the E. Hop down to it, and from there into the Graveyard.

If you don't walk to the two Hammerites at the statue in the Graveyard now, they will not have their conversations. So, avoid them, and head into the inside of the Temple. This will trigger the conversation of the two Hammerites at the foot of the stairs in the Lower Level, but 2 Hammerites are easier to avoid than 5 of them.

2.)   Getting the non-critical loot

Wait that the two are gone away, and start clearing the Priest's Quarters in the W and in the E. If you listen carefully that there are no footsteps to hear, you can enter and leave the Quarters without anyone noticing anything.

Now ready yourself to steal all the items from the Highpriest's room. Shoot a moss arrow on the floor of the hallway and on the floor of his small extra room with the table (through the window). Sit down, and wait that his footsteps indicate that he is in the small chamber right of the entrance now. Hurry in, get the holy hammer, the loot, and the master key. Hurry out as quick as you can, and close the door.

The Highpriest seems to be the only one in this mission who does not care about missing loot. I don't guarantee you, though, that he won't go nuts after a while. If getting his loot at this time gets you into major trouble later, then reload, and get his items after the switch puzzle.

I definitely don't recommend to grab the loot from the Graveyard and from the Dining room at this time already - the Hammers on patrol notice the missing items.

Now follow one of the two stairs down into the Basement. Follow the Hammer on patrol, and enter the room of the Inquisitor. If you move absolutely carefully, he will not awake when you sneak to the table to the left. Get the coins, and to make things easier, shoot a moss arrow at the entrance of his torture chamber. Listen to the footsteps of the Hammerite on patrol, and leave the Inquisitor's room again.

Follow the Hammerite, and once he is out of sight, start picking the lock to the old Kitchen. When you are finished, close the door again, and wait that the Hammer passes by again. It seems that he opens the door one time as soon as it is unlocked, but he will not get alarmed. Sneak in, close the door, and get the loot. When the sound of the footsteps indicates that the Hammerite is past the door again, leave the room.

Now head up into the lower floor, and trigger the conversation of the two Hammerites in the Graveyard at this time, so that they won't be offended when you step into the forbidden grave in a few minutes.

When you head up into the 1rst floor now, you will set off the two Hammerites E of the stairs. Ignore them, and make your way into the forbidden room in the Library. Get the loot. If you have the masterkey from the Highpriest at this time, you can open the chest, if you don't, then it matters not at all (I presume that you know the content of the scroll from the chest already by heart. ;) ) Leave the forbidden room in the Library again.

Get the scroll with the poem of the Wallbuilder from the table in the hallway in the SE.

This is the perfect time to open some doors in the 1rst floor, so that you don't have to open them later. The door to the Entrance room, the two doors to the Main Chapel, and the doors in the W of the 1rst floor should be open.

You have now, as far as I see, all of the non-critical pieces of loot (What remains to be stolen are the hammers from the Entrance room and the Chapel, the First Hammer (the one on the middle pedestal), the vases from the Graveyard, the bottles from the dining room, and the vases from the Crypt.) Ignore them for now, and solve the switch puzzle. So, head into the Reliquiary now.

3.)   The switch puzzle

Pull the switch at St. Yora. Usually, this should not get you the attention of the two fanatics in the Reliquiary. Run to the door in the S, and jump down into the Garden.

The 'keystone tree' switch is at the middle of the E wall. Look up, pull it, and rush to the Graveyard.

When there is no Hammerite around, run into the Grave of Brother Mason. Look up and pull the switch. Now run down into the Basement.

Avoid the Hammer on patrol, and pull the switch in the torture chamber (behind the rack). Back into the hallway.

Once again, avoid the Hammer on patrol, and enter the old Kitchen. The switch is at the broken fireplace.

If you have done well and everything in time, you don't hear the alarm now, but a sound that shall indicate that you have done well. Leave the old Kitchen carefully, and head into the Crypt ('location unknown' on the map.)

4.)   Getting the critical loot

Getting the remaining pieces of loot is a pain. However, start with the vases in the Crypt - avoid the one that the stationary Hammer is facing, until you have all the other 4 vases. Then get the vase, and hurry as quick as possible to the lower level, sparring area. If you are lucky, the Hammerite will not set off the alarm, yet.

Head up the stairs to the 1rst floor, and go to the entrance area.

Ready yourself, and get the hammer. Run to the Reliquiary, and get the first hammer. Run to the Chapel, and get the hammer. At this time, the alarm is set off and the area crawls with furious fanatics.

Try to dodge their attacks, and jump down into the Graveyard. Get the 5 vases, and run to the dining room. Jump on the table, and get the bottles.

Try to avoid getting smashed when you head to the hallway to the N now. Because you have the holy hammer of the Highpriest, the drawbridge will extend itself. If you don't have time to wait that this miracle is finished, hop on it while it is still moving.

5.)   The Talisman of Air

Pull the switch in the left cage, and enter the right one. Sit down infront of the Talisman, and search for the Scroll of the Wallbuilder in your inventory. When you have found it, turn away from the Talisman (if you read the scroll while facing the Talisman, it may zap you), and read the scroll.

If the fanatics hadn't set off the alarm already, you would hear now that it is set off automatically. However, grab the Talisman and put it into your pocket.

6.)   Getting out

The drawbridge is not expended no more now, and there are lots of angry Hammerites around. That means that you have to jump down to the Basement, cross the Inquisitor, hurry up to the 1rst floor, and leave the Temple via one of the balconies (I recommend the balcony in the W).

This is a pain, but if you keep running (+ jumping to increase your speed), you can make it.

The mission should end as soon as you are jumped off the balcony to the streets, but sometimes, it won't. In this case, run to the main entrance of the Temple (right into the really angry crowd), dodge their attacks, and run around until the mission ends there.

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