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Walkthrough for "Lost City"

If you are new to this, then purchase lots of water arrows, both healing potions, an additional rope arrow, and one or two gas arrows. Purchase the papyrus no matter if you are new to this or not.

1.)   Getting in

You start in Home Turf, as you know it from Assassins. Not the entire City is available in this mission, only a few houses close to Garrett's home. Go to the river.

Before you hop in now, turn left, and face the wall with the closed gate infront of you. You can climb over the wall with a rope arrow shot into the wall to your left. Under the crates infront of you is some loot, and in one of the corners of this area is an additional rope arrow plus some broadheads. You can shot a rope arrow into the wall where you found the loot. Make it so, get your first rope arrow back, and jump into the river.

Under the bridge, close to the ladder, is the entrance to Lost City. Be amazed how convenient close to Home Turf this entrance is, unlock the entrance with your stone key, and swim in. It's a long way in, but there are some holes with air in the ceiling. Dive in.

Either you mantle yourself on the ledge ahead of you, and are in a safe shadow there, or you don't. If you fall into the pool, you have to mantle out - the ledges are arranges in a way that allows you to mantle from one to the next.

Run past the horde of tiny sewers Spiders, and jump over the waterfall. There will be another tiny Spider. Ignore it, run past it, and jump on the next grey ledge. From here, you can jump on the way in - but there are some tiny Spiders and a huge Spider (the mom of all the tiny Spiders, I presume) in your way, so: prepare to run. Hurry as quick as possible past the 3 Spiders, and head left then. Avoid getting zapped by the trap, and contine your flight from the Spiders who follow you now. Running + Jumping is faster than normal running.

Soon after Garrett had told you that he wonders "how the Keepers can keep this as secret", you will reach the roof of the 'Library'. Slide into the hole, and find yourself in the 2nd floor of it.

2.)   The Library (NE)

In the room S of you is some loot. Make it yours, and wait in the doorframe of that room that the Burrick has his back turned. Follow him then, as silent as possible. Find the room with the stairs, and head down to the 1rst floor.

The Burrick in this floor patrols in a clockwise direction. Wait behind the entrance to the next room that he has passed by, and follow him then until he reaches the room that leads to the basement (the room in the SE of the library). Jump down to it.

You see yourself now infront of an ugly situation. Here are 4 Burricks, and lots of loot. The loot is behind the Burricks. I found it easiest to hurry in, to get the loot, and to jump+run out again - if I was lucky, I had not to use all my healing potions on my way out of the basement.

Mantle out, wait for the Burrick in the 1rst floor, and follow him into the next room (the entrance hall of the library). Read the book, and leave the building.

3.)   The Residence (E)

Right of the entrance is a small gem on the floor. Get it, and head to the S. Avoid the Burrick who patrols here (hide yourself in one of the first houses), and mantle on the roof of the first house to the left then. Through the window, you can get a goblet. On the next roof is a fire arrow. Leave the roof again, and search the next house in the S for more loot.

In the house where you found the golden plate, you should wait that the Burrick passes by to the W. Then head to the well-lightened grey building ahead of you, and turn right.

You can mantle on the roof of the houses left of you, jump over the street from the higher one, and get some fire arrows in the yellow building. Back to the street.

At the lava pool ahead of you is a slope from that you can reach the next roof. In the house are more fire arrows. Now mantle on the roof, and jump from roof to roof until you are at the opposite side of the lava pool. You are now N of the place with the obelisk. Create a gang war at the opposite side of the place with a fire arrow. Watch the war or not, but the easiest way to continue is to go the way back that you came in - so, head back to the houses at the lava pool, and jump back from roof to roof.

Once you are close to the well-lightened grey building again, wait that the Burrick is not too close, and head to the left now. Mantle on the roof left of you, and jump from roof to roof now. Once you reached the NW corner, you will see a building with a hole in the ceiling. In there is some loot. Get it, and head back to the roofs.

In the W is a balcony that will lead you to the 'Market' area.

4.)   The Market (Center)

Infront of you, you see a shadowy area, with a lava pool in the W, and a wall with a gate in the N. Behind this wall is another lava pool, a Fireelemental with an excellent hearing, some buildings, and several arrows and a necklace. With a run start, you can mantle on the wall here - but you should have an excellent timing for the attempt, because the Fireelemental will not be pleased to meet you. Jump over the pool, hide in the first house, and get the arrows. You will find here 2 moss arrows, several broadheads in a quiver, a fire arrow, and this necklace. The way out is a major problem - but the best way is from the W of this area, on the wall in the S, and from there directly to the floor SE of the wall. You will as good as surely get the attention of the Fireelemental, so run back to the Residence (because you don't want to run into the two Fireelementals who patrol the Market area.) As soon as the Fireelemental has lost you, sneak back to the Market.

Wait in a shadow that the two patroling Fireelementals have their backsides turned, and follow them to the S. The next building (with the Mailu-scroll) has a perfect shadow in the 2nd floor. Wait that the two Fireelementals are again on their way to the N, and continue walking to the S.

5.)   The Court (S)

The room infront of you is guarded by two Fireelementals. One floats from the W to the E (through the entire 1rst floor of the Court), and one patrols at random through the entrance hall. You want to grab all 23 blue gems in this room. Watch the two Fireelementals, leave the hiding places only when both have their backs turned, and spend most of the time sitting in the corners of the entrance room, waiting that the two balls fly away. They won't hurt you, if you are crouched, and as close to the walls as possible.

Now head to the E. In the wall to your left is a small hole to crouch in. Get the fire arrows. If you want to get also all the scrolls from here, time yourself with the Fireelemental.

Once you have what you came for, head to the W, until you find a room that appears to have been a theater. On the stage are 2 masks, and if you have purchased the scroll in the loadout screen, each will give you 120 loot.

Head to the 2nd floor, SW corner. There is a hole in the wall. Leave the Court, and follow this tunnel that leads to the SE.

6.)   The Grave (SE)

In the King's Grave is the lever that you need to expand the bridge in the SW area of the map. In Thief Gold, however, this Grave is haunted by a horde of Mages.

Jump from roof to roof until you can see the first Mage. He is one of the Firemages, and immune against lava and other fires. Because he is surely a pain, I recommend to shoot a gas arrow in his face.

Now hop to the floor, get the loot, the arrows, and the first medaillon from the skeletal Keeper, and head to the half-sunken obelisk to the right. From its top, you can jump on the wall behind the lava, to get the gas arrow and the nugget.

At the Grave itself are two Mages standing around. Ignore them, get the fire arrow from the right eternal flame, and enter the Grave. If you douze the second torch and wait on the ledge, you can avoid the Watermage who is on patrol here. However, you have to be quick to shoot the 3 rope arrows at the increased gap. Cross the gap, and hide yourself.

It seems that whacking Water- and Airmages with the blackjack does not count as dealing damages. You can use this strangeness of the game at this point, of course...

Follow the ladder to the deeper floor. The trapped ceiling is now marked with some bones on the floor and a dead Watermage. He had some water arrows with him, but does not need them no more.

The main grave room is not so much of a pain no more, if you douze especially the two eternal lights at the sarcophagus. Then sneak into the rooms left and right (avoid the lever in the first place, because he is heavily guarded) to get all the loot. When you have all the loot, get the lever - and then run out (don't forget to duck at the trapped ceiling). Run out as quick as possible.

Even the Mages won't follow you into the lava, so run to the roofs, and start jumping back to the Court.

7.)   The Arena (SW)

Once you are back in the Court, head to the theater-like room, and wait for a good moment to hurry out without getting seen by any of the two Fireelementals. Outside, keep close to the left wall, and follow the tunnel that lead to the W.

In the Arena are - at least - 4 more Mages. One of them will most probably be positioned where the bridge will be expanded, one takes a bath in the lava in one of the corridors, and two will be in the basement, close to the switch where you need to use the lever.

So, firstly, you may want to get all the loot from the 1rst floor.

After that, you may want to use the lever. Douze the eternal light infront of the Firemage, avoid getting seen by using the half-high entrance to the small room at the way to the switch, and then sneak through the darkness to the switch, and use it. Head back to the 1rst floor.

The beam across the room at the bridge is wooden, and you can climb up now with a rope arrow. Get the loot from the 2nd floor now, and jump back to the 1rst.

Avoid getting zapped by the Mage, hurry over the bridge (the Mage won't follow you onto it), and follow the only possible direction to the N.

8.)   The C'thulhu statue (SWW)

After a long way (you should have found and grabbed several water arrows on the way, a few fire arrows, found the remainings of another Keeper, a Keeper diary, the second medaillon, and some rope arrows), you will reach a "creepy" area.

In the house next to the statue are two silver nuggets. Getting them is truely a pain, because the lava is very inviting to stumble in... Get the loot and leave the house again. Alive, if possible.)

In the house right of this 'evil house' is a wooden beam in the ceiling. Use it to reach the 2nd floor. From the roof of the 'evil house', you can reach the roof of the other one, and you will find two fire arrows and a gem here. Slide back to the 'evil house', and from there on the small way behind the statue. Follow the only possible direction, and enter the houses at the other side of the lava pool with the statue.

9.)   The Tower (W)

You can see the Tower through the window in the N now, but firstly, you need to jump across the gap, and to hop to the 1rst floor of the last of these houses. Wait in the shadow at the door of this house, until it seems that there is currently no Fireelemental close to you, and run as fast as possible into the Tower. Don't be scared when Garrett says now "So this is the Lost City. Well, it ain't lost no more". Kinda creepy when he says it at this time, but it seems to be triggered to the time when he sees the Tower for the first time.

Follow the stairs, and as soon as this is not possible no more because they are broken, you should watch out for the last 2 pieces of loot and the last scroll.

The way to the highest level of the Tower is of course via the small ledge outside of the window. Follow it to the E side of the Tower, shoot a rope arrow into the middle beam, hop on the rope, climb up, and jump into the window.

Get the Talisman, and hop down to the deeper floor.

If you are in a 'normal', not in a '0 damage' mood at this time, then head back to the ledge, and shoot Fireelementals from up here.

Then head back to the 1rst floor of the Tower, wait in the doorframe that there are no Fireelementals near, and run into the house SE of you.

10.)   Getting out

As you've noticed already, you are now confronted with an unpleasant huge amount of new spawned Fireelementals - so watch out.

The first new and annoying one is already on patrol in the tunnel between the C'thulhu statue, the second skeletal Keeper, and the fallen obelisk. And as if that was not already annoying enough, it tends to get stuck somewhere on the building that leads you out. If it should be stuck somewhere, head to the shadow behind the obelisk, and shoot a fire arrow at the dead Keeper. This should get the stupid Fireball moving again. However, avoid getting seen by this one by hiding in one of the many shadows in this tunnel, and head back the way that you came in.

The next one is outside of the next building. As the previous one, this one likes to get stuck somewhere - this here prefers the area right of the entrance... where you want to hop out. What it should do, is patroling from the left to the right, with enough time for you to hop out.

Behind the very thin bridge across the lava is the next new Fireelemental. Wait until it patrols on the stone into the direction that you want to go to, and then follow it as closely as possible (without running into it, of course). Hurry to the left and out as soon as possible. o And the next one is awaiting - this time in the lava pool to the left. Avoid it, and run back to the Market.

And the next one is awaiting - this time in the lava pool to the left. Avoid it, and run back to the Market.

In the Market are now 3 Fireelementals, and well... this is a pain of course. But an avoidable pain. Wait that as many of the Fireelementals as possible were in the area that you can see from the shadow infront of the Court, and then follow them out. Prepare to run out, if necessary.

Head to the Residence, climb on the roofs, and head back to the entrance area of the Residence. There should still be a Burrick on patrol. Follow him, and hide in the last Building to the left.

The last Fireelemental that you need to worry about is in the lava pool right ahead of you. Drive its attention with a fire arrow at the opposite wall, and then run into the Library, (fall into a mad, blind, panicked run if it should have seen you) up the stairs, to the room with the broken ceiling (E), and mantle out.

Head back to the trapped area at the entrance of the Lost City, cross the trap, hide in a shadow and watch the huge Mommy-Spider talking to the kids. ;-) The easiest way out is to fall again into a panicked, blind and mindless run, and to jump into the pool of the waterfall. The waterfall seems to be not the Lost City no more, and the mission will end now.

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