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Walkthrough for "Into the Maw of Chaos"

You can't purchase anything before this mission.

1.)   The Stairs

First of, you don't want to get seen by the Bugbeast and the Ape who are approaching your position. Head into the shadow right of the entrance to this cave, and wait that the two are passed by. Then hurry down the purple hallway. This leads you to the stairs. Because both the floor of the stairs is quite noisy and the monsters walk up the stairs, you want to follow the alternative paths through the purple surface.

You will also find more than enough gas arrows here to stone yourself for quite a long while. ;)

On several occasions, you will need to cross the stairs. Wait for a moment when there are as few monsters around as possible. If the stationary Bugbeasts should notice you, just hurry into the next purple area, and head down. In most cases, they will not trail you for very long.

The Stairs end in a grey tunnel. Wait in a shadow to the hallway until you think that it is unlikely that you will run into an enemy in this hallway. Once you think that it is a good time, run into the hallway (you can also move slowly through the hallway and take breaks in shadowy corners of it). Take a left at the crossing, and jump down to the ledge. If there should a quite a commotion on the higher level, you can just ignore them - they can't reach you here no more.

Then follow the only possible path that will lead you out of the sight of the enemies on the higher level anyway. This way is one ledge deeper, and it leads you to a path at the lavafall.

2.)   Crystals and Ice

Follow this tunnel. Avoid stumbling into the blue 'singing' crystals, because they will hurt you.

Once you have reached a cave with an icy surface, take a break and get as many water arrows as you can. You can control your speed better when you are crouched and pressing the backpedal here and then. Then stay in the shadow of the exit of this icy cave, and have a look at the happy Frogs.

Shoot a broadhead arrow at a wall. This will give you some seconds of time (Frogs stand still and listen when they hear something suspicious). Run past them, and slide down the ice. Once again, it helps if you are crouched and moving backwards. With some strafing, you can avoid the blue crystals. The Frogs won't follow you down the ice.

Now you are in a cave with 3 Fireelementals. Watch their patrol patterns, and if you want to get past them as quickly as possible, shoot a fire arrow (more preferably: Get their attention with broadhead arrows because they are not so expensive, and you must have at least 1 elemental arrow of each kind in your inventory) to the distant wall. Once they have their backs turned, run as quickly as possible through this cave. Head to the right exit, but take care not to fall into the red 'organic' looking cave ahead of you. Instead, head left and follow the tunnel.

Ignore the fire arrows in this nasty cave with the Fireelementals, but aim for the ledge in the next icy area. You will get another fire arrow here. Follow the ledge, and get the 4 healing fruits. If the scene in the cave with the Fireelementals happened as I guess it did, you will be glad to find them here.

Head back to the start of the ledge, and move back to the ice. Once again, crouching in combination with moving backwards and strafing left and right should help you to get past this area.

3.)   The Waterfall

The blue thing infront of you is the target destination of your next task. To be able to reach the inside of this thing, you need to jump into the waterfall ahead of you.

Follow the river. In the first area, you don't need to dive. Just let the stream carry you with it. In the later parts, you need to dive. Always follow the stream, and when your airs gets short, look out for windows in the left wall. There you can leave the water and get some breath back before you continue. Take a real save in the window after the first long dive.

The end of the waterway is a upside-down lake at the top of the cave with the blue thing. Aim at it, and leave the sea. If you have aimed well, you will fall into the blue thingie, and learn that it is a hollow pipe with water at the bottom. Dive to the other way out, leave the water, and face a really huge tree.

4.)   The Tree

There are many ways up now. Either you climb slowly with your rope arrows from ledge to ledge inside of the tree. Or you run in, jump on the bubble-ladder and head up. Or you try to climb the outside of the tree. Anyway, it will lead you to the entrance of the Spiders' Lair.

5.)   The Spiders' Lair

In the entrance sits a Spider. Distract it with a broadhead arrow shot behind it, and then run in. If you head left and run in a clockwise direction, you will be able to cross the Lair without ever getting hurt - the Spiders will not follow you onto the bubble-bridge.

6.)   Destroying the Portal

The next cave contains some traps. If the purple thingies in the walls don't see you, they won't shoot. But once they see you, the hell will break loose around you. So, try to remember the first lesson that the Keepers taught you, and stay in the shadows and avoid the light.

In Thief Gold, the stationary Ape is amiss. So just head in, search for a shadow close to the exit of the next cave, and wait there (ducked against the wall), that the patroling Apes pass by. Or just run in, dodge them, and jump across the gap.

Follow the only possible way, and eventually, you will see the portal to your right. Shoot arrows of the opposite kind at the small fires at the corners of the portal (means: shoot a fire arrow on the blue flame, a moss arrow at the white flame, an air arrow at the green-brown flame, and a water arrow at the yellow-orange flame. Take care while this operation that the Bugbeast won't see you.

7.)   The Trickster

Then continue your way along the tunnel.

Climb in via the vines, and head into the shadow in the entrance to the ritual area. While the Trickster is busy summoning the Grey, shoot your remaining moss arrows on the area between your position and the central pedestal.

Then sit down and wait that he finishs the summoning of the Red. While he is walking to the pedestal ahead of you (to summon the Blue), run in and switch the two Eyes ('use' the real Eye, and they will switch).

While he is still summoning the Blue, head into the tunnel right of you. Climb up, and make sure that you have a pretty place to watch the End from. A rope arrow directly above the central pedestal will give you an amazing view.

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