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Walkthrough for "Down into the Bonehoard"

If you are new to this, then purchase purchase a few water arrows and a healing potion in the loadout screen. If you are intending to fall down several times, purchase more healing potions.

1.)   Getting through the southern section of the map

Don't forget to take the first piece of loot in the starting area, and then head down.

The Zombie in the first room of the Bonehoard will most probably see you when you climb down the rope, so wait that he is running directly under you, and then jump and leave the room via the stairs. He may follow you for a while, but he is slow and poses no real threat.

The dead Thief in the room in the E has no loot or items, but an interesting book. Read it or not, but where you want to go to is the W, marked as "Alarus Extension". Hop down, and enjoy the safety of this place (the Zombie will definitely not follow you to here). Grab the healing potion of the Alarus, and head to the E.

Don't forget to get the water arrows from the chest of the Edine, and then continue.

In the next room, you will see a vase infront of a sarcophagus. You will also see that the floor tiles infront of that sarcophagus look slightly different, and that there are interesting looking holes in the right wall. So, avoid stepping on the different floor tiles by keeping close to the right wall, and get your vase.

Follow the rope that leads you into a deeper floor level of the Bonehoard. If you are close to the left wall, the sleeping Zombie will not even be alerted enough for a moan, when you snatch the gem from the chest. If you have done it wrong and alerted the Zombie, just get the gem, and hop into the water.

Dive ahead and leave the water again, and don't forget to get the fire arrows and the speed potion from the chests. These chests are trapped, so make sure that you don't stand infront of the pedestals when you touch the chests.

Follow the ladder that leads you to the famous "where am I" section of the map. Avoid triggering the trap at the feet of the ladder, or just keep running away, so that the rock will not fall on your head.

2.)   Navigating in the "Where am I" section of the map

Avoid the first Burrick by waiting that he has his back turned, and then hop down. See the arrow at the wall, and decide that it is indicating the direction where you want to go to. So, head right, and fall into the deep hope in the floor.

Swim to the E, find a room with lots of trapped floor tiles (as in a chess game). Avoid the traps or crouch, and get the fire arrows plus the loot of the dead Thief. The scroll next to him is a hint for the Mystic's Soul, so get it too, and leave the room again.

Leave the water pond in the only other possible way and follow the pretty much linear tunnels. This way leads you back to the "Main Burrick Cave", where you would have been if you hadn't intentionally misinterpreted the meaning of the arrow graffito. ;-)

You can jump down into the "Main Burrick Cave" without taking any damages, if you slide down slowly and sideways.

Now head into the cave just right of you, for it will lead you to some additional rooms.

Always choose the left way at crossings here, so you will find the nugget. If you need more water arrows, and a pretty hint scroll, then keep going left, until you find a room with a single Burrick. The Burrick is facing the direction where you are coming from, so you need to hurry: run past him, jump at the rope, climb up, and hop off the rope as quickly as possible. This strategy usually confuses the Burrick so much that his attack will never hit you. Find the dead Alphonso, get his items, and leave the room in the same hasted manner as you entered it. The Burrick will not follow you, if you keep running left now.

Sitting in the perfect shadow where the tunnel leads back into the "Main Burrick Cave", you need some patience now. Watch the three Burricks (and hope that some of them will die in the bugcloud of their dead comrade), and when they seem to be out of sight, run to the exit in the N wall. Mantle yourself into the cave instead of using the vine, because that is typically faster. If you were quick enough, the Burricks will only belch at the wall without hurting you.

Now you have two ways into the "Halls of echoing Repose". Take the clumsy one by jumping intentionally into the pool to your right. Read the diary of the dead Thief, and then follow the tunnel that leads upwards. Jump across the gap onto the small ledge infront of you, slide down to the ledge to the left, and hurry through this Burrick cave. You need to head left, and then ahead, and then you will find yourself in a more regular tunnel with a red texture. Follow it.

3.)   The 1rst floor of the "Halls of echoing Repose"

You are now in one of the towers in the "Halls of echoing Repose". Dive into the next tower, and get the golden bone. Dive further, and leave the water. You are now at the feet of the broken stairs. Follow them.

Get the nugget and the bone in the W, and if you were seen by lots of Undead at this time, you may want to run to the S. As soon as Garrett says "tombs with piped in music", you will see a nice and handy hole in the southern wall. If you head into this hole, you will see yourself in the 'easy' way into the "Halls of echoing Repose". This is a typically perfect hideout if you want to get rid of the Undead who are trailing you - they will most probably never follow you into the hole.

Wait until the commotion has quieted down a bit, and then head back to the broken stairs. You see now lots of possible ways ahead of you. Take the left one, find the entrance to the tomb with a trapped bridge across the water, and climb up the ladder. Wait up there in the shadow, until potentially following Undead are stumbled away again.

Run back to the broken stairs, and take this time the way to the E. You will see a room with 4 sleeping Zombies infront of you. Head in, get the golden bone, and the loot, and hurry out before the now most probably highly alerted formerly sleeping Zombies attack you.

Around this tower is a hallway. Follow this hallway to the right (coming out of the tower with the 4 formerly sleeping Zombies), and you will find a door in the left wall. Open it, and jump in. If you were fast enough, you will be in the safety of the niche opposite of the trapped door, before the rocks have been fallen down. Get the vase, and wait that the commotion settles down again.

As soon as you think that the time is ripe, you should leave the tower again. It is possible that the 3 rocks will block your way, so take one or two of them up and throw them around a little bit. Because at this time, most likely one or both of the sleeping Undead inside of the tower will be alerted and awake, you may want to hurry up a bit.

Head left, and hug the left wall. It will lead you into a room in the 1rst floor of the tower with the fireball trap. Take the ladder to the left, grab the goblet, and hurry back down. You can now either hurry to the room with the slope that leads you to the 2nd floor, or just take another ladder in this very room (if you do that, then mantle into the room with the fireball trap, leave it, and head left to the sleeping Zombie).

4.)   The Mystic's Heart

You are now standing infront of a sleeping Zombie in the entrance to the 2nd floor of the "Halls of echoing Repose". If you face the wall to the left, you will see a ladder. Hop onto it and climb up.

Jump off the ladder and on the stone catwalk infront of you. Follow the catwalk until you find the entrance to the room with the stationary Burrick. He will not see you, if you head right now, because he is facing the left slope. As soon as you are in the hallway that leads to the jumping puzzle, take a 'real' save game.

Follow the first stone beam to the opposite wall, and slide down to the next ledge. Take a quicksave, and then position yourself on the center of this ledge, and watch the pattern of the traps on the deeper level of the puzzle. Wait that the trap just under you has spit out one of these purple blobs, and then jump down.

This is a very unsafe position, so hurry to the center of this stone beam, look down, and slide down to the next level. Be careful, because too much haste leads to a jump into your death at this point.

This is a very unsafe position, so hurry to the center of this stone beam, look down, and slide down to the next level. Be careful, because too much haste leads to a jump into your death at this point.

Once you are on the last level of the jumping puzzle, head to the ends of the beam, and slide down. Take another save here.

The next room is the room of statues with a deadly gaze, so avoid stumbling onto the lines that the triangular pedestals of the statues are pointing at. Use the pillars to hide yourself.

Once you have solved this puzzle, you will be in the room with the Haunt. You can either just run through the room, or sneak very carefully and silent over the noisy floor tiles - just make sure that you grab the Mystic's Heart from the chest and that you hop into that strange area past the chest. This will teleport you out of the room.

Sneak back through the room with the stationary Burrick (this time, you want to take the slope left of you), hop back to the ladder, and follow it back to the 2nd floor of the "Halls of echoing Repose".

5.)   The 2nd floor of the "Halls of echoing Repose"

Follow the hallway that leads to the fireball trap. Avoid the trap, and find yourself opposite of the Marad. In Thief Gold, you don't need to jump to them no more: Just shoot a rope arrow into the wooden ledge, hop at the rope, and mantle yourself onto the wooden ledge. In the original Thief, you needed some excellent jumping skills to get to the Marad. However, snatch the goblet, and jump back.

Take a right at the next crossing, and follow that hallway. You will eventually find a hole in the left wall that leads to a hallway in the opposite tower. Jump to it.

If you follow this hallway, and head left and then right at the next crossings, you will find the Hammerite Crypts. Take their goblets, and hop down to the 1rst floor of this tower. Place the 3 golden bones of your inventory into the open sarcophagus, and additionally also the 2 golden bones from this room. After doing that, you will find some items on the floor. Leave the Hammerite Crypts again, and head right.

6.)   The Mystic's Soul

You are now in the entrance to the room with the Fireshadow. To provide yourself with handy shadow in this entrance room, douze the torch ahead of you in this entrance room. Now shoot the first fire arrow at the torch in the main room just ahead of you. This first explosion will alert our friend, the Fireshadow quite a bit. Wait that he calmed down again, and then sneak into the corridors left and right from the main entrance room.

From the end of each of these 'secret' corridors, you can easily lighten the two torches at the opposite walls of the main room. Take care that the Fireshadow does not catch a sight of you. Once you are finished with the one side, sneak back to the entrance of the entrance room, and head into the 'secret' corridor opposite of you. From there, lighten the two remaining torches.

If all this sneakyness is too unnerving for you, just get the attention of the Fireshadow, and run out of the entrance room again, head right, and follow the way around this tower. Let him chase you. He will loose the track at the opposite area of the tower, and search around a bit there. Use this time to lighten the torches in the main room, and to hop into the pool.

Now, the doors of the Zombies will open, and everyone will be quite a bit nervous and jumpy and search around a lot.

Ignore this commotion, and head right into the small pool in the center of the main room. Dive in.

If you are crouching, you don't have to be scared by all these pretty trapped floor tiles and stairs. A good way in is to mantle on one of the railings, and to avoid the stairs in this way.

Place the skull that lies close at the pillar on the trapped top of the pedestal, and grab the gem. If you have done it right, the world does not explode around you now. Leave via the railing of the stairs, hop off it, and head into the security of the area behind the pillars.

Watch the explosions, and then hop onto the ladder, and head out.

If the Fireshadow sees you when you hop off the ladder, then just leave the entrance room and head to the Hammerite Crypts. (If you are a sadistical bastard and annoyed by this evil creature, then get his attention anyway and head to the Hammerites Crypts). Hop onto one of the ladders, and watch how he stumbles into the traps in the center of the 2nd floor of the Hammerite Crypt. Wait until he runs away, get his fire arrow, and leave again.

Head back to the area where you jumped over a gap to reach this area, and hop back.

7.)   The Horn of Quintus

Follow the hallway to the left. Avoid the traps at the top of the next tower by being as close to the wall as possible. Follow the hallway left of the slope.

After a while, you will find yourself in a really huge Burrick cave with lots of stoned Burricks. Pad them on the head, and find the entrance to the Quintus in the N.

You need now to climb on the ladders, and to jump to the next levels of this ladder puzzle. Once you are at the very top, grab the Horn.

The easiest way down (IMHO) is to hop now on the ledge opposite of the horn, and from there on the smaller ledges one level deeper. From these ledges, you can easily hop back on the next catwalk. To leave this catwalk, I recommend to slide down to the next deeper ones - easier than trying to hop on the sometimes quite difficult to reach ladders.

If you leave the tower, you will realize that the Burricks are now not stoned no more. So, run, and use now your Speed Potion. (I hope you did not waste it earlier!) Run past the couple of Burricks, head left, and keep close to the left wall until you find the exit of this cave. Avoid getting zapped by a trap, and head back down the slope.

8.)   The last two pieces of loot

You have now 2250 loot of 2450. To get the last two pieces, follow the hallway until the tower with the Marad. Instead of running back to the tower with the fireball trap, you choose now the only way that you did not follow yet (when you are coming from the Marad, this is the way just ahead of you). In the next floor of the tower infront of you, you will find the shortcut exit out of the Bonehoard. Ignore this one, for now, and head to the highest level of the tower.

In the room ahead of you, you will find a hole in the floor. To avoid the common rope arrow-bug, I recommend to slide down without shooting a rope arrow in the ceiling. Use the torch just at the speaking face as a way to reach the deeper floor without recieving any damages. Get the rope arrows, and the gems (the later without getting blown up by the very jumpy and angry face), then shoot a rope arrow into the ceiling, and climb out.

9.)   Getting out

If you now just follow the slope that you came from, you will find a way out in the deeper level of this tower. Follow that hallway (it is, even though sometimes pitch dark, extremely linear), until you find yourself in an area where you could jump into the water pool in one of the towers... additional to this funny jump, you can also take the half-high exit to your left.

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