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Walkthrough for "The Haunted Cathedral"

If you are new to this, then purchase a few healing potions in the loadout screen of this mission.

1.)   SW, Rubin St.

You start right of a house with the power control station for Rubin St. If you want a greater challenge, then turn the power on, otherwise turn the brightness of your monitor to a higher level, and increase the Gamma.

Get the plate, pick the door to the house infront of you (there are some arrows, mines, and flashbombs), and head back to the streets. Shoot a rope arrow into the wooden balcony over you, and climb up. Get the healing potion and the loot, and enter the house that leads to the Crayman's cave. Get the loot from the beams, wait that the Zombie is relatively distant, and leave the house towards the N - from the top of the 45 beam ahead of you, you can get a moss arrow.

Head back into the house where you came from, and hop into the hole in the floor.

2.)   Tunnels and caves

You are now in the Crayman's Cave. Wait some moments and study the patrol pattern of the Crayman - sometimes, he will be stuck in the pool or in another area, but he should walk around. However, head to the right, get the water arrows from the next room of the basement. Head more right, and get the moss arrows, the water arrows, and the loot from the cave with the pool. Avoid the Crayman, and head back to the basement where you came from.

Instead of climbing back to the surface, you want to head left now. Follow the corridor, get the goblet, and find the main Burrick cave (every map needs one ;-) ). Get the loot from the corners of this cave, the key and the arrows from the center of the cave, and continue.

The Burricks tend to get stuck in the Sewers ahead of you. Ignore this fact, get the Goblet from the first room of the Sewers, and run past every eventual Burrick that you meet in the Sewers. As soon as you have reached the power control station of the western Cathedral Alley, climb up the ladder, and hide yourself in the shadow infront of the power control switch.

After a while, you will notice that all of the Burricks from the tunnels to the E are walking into the Sewers in the S. There they will most probably get stuck due to a bug, but lets imagine that they are going to a party down there - however, once they are gone, you want to jump down from your metal platform, and head into the tunnel to the E. This tunnel leads you to the very SE corner of Market Street. Get in and get the plate from one of the lantern niches in the wall. As soon as you have reached the SE corner of Market Street, it is your choice if you leave the tunnel now or not. For this time, just ignore this possibility, and head back to the power control of the western Cathedral alley.

Climb up again, hop over the gap, and open the gate.

3.)   NW, de Perrin St.

You are now in the area that is marked as the NW, de Perrin St., on your map. Watch out, because there are lots of Undead on patrol out there.

Wait for an appropriate moment, and leave the power control station. Clear S and N of the Cathedral Alley, and head back to the shadow at the half-sunken house next to the power control station.

Wait here that there are no Undead stumbling along, and then hurry to the door SW of you. Behind this well-crafted lock is a room with a beam that will lead you to some broadhead arrows and a vase. If you hop on the first beam inside of the house, you can also grab some water arrows. Head back to the 1rst floor of this house, wait that the Undead are gone, and clean the 3 houses next to this one (hidden in these 3 houses are a plate, a papyrus, an airpotion).

Once you have what you came for, head to the house where you found the golden plate (NW of the power control station of the western Cathedral Alley). To the W, you see a street, leading to the power control station of de Perrin. Follow this street, and from the power control, head W. This street leads you to the Thief's House (at the Psychic's Shop).

Get everything that is not nailed at the floor from this corner of the map: You are able to enter the tower E of the Thief's House, the Psychic's Shop, and the Thief's House itself (watch out for a ticking mine on the floor of his house). Don't forget to get the tiara from the very NW corner of this area, and then head back to the power control station of de Perrin St.

The Burrick will not be pleased when you climb up to the ledge at the northern wall. So, be quick and avoid getting hurt by his breath. Once you have the arrows and the air potion from the small room at the top of the ladder, jump back to the streets, and hop into the river in the N.

Follow the tunnel in the E, grab the purse and the arrow, and climb back to the surface in the brewery.

You are now in the brewery in the SW corner of Market Street. Get the key, and climb out of the basement of the brewery with the help of a rope arrow. If you are standing on the pedestal in the pool, the Crayman can't touch you - he will most probably not even catch a sight of you.

Pick the lock, and stare at the crowd of Undead in Market Street.

4.)   The Serpentyle Torc

To keep everything nice and in order, I recommend that you hurry to the N now, to the house with the Serpentyle Torc.

Climb the wall at the switches for the drawbridge, climb the wall, walk and jump to the door in the W. Pick the lock, cross the rooms, and hop down.

Under the doormat is a white key. Get it (it will unlock the two doors in the 1rst floor of the house), and enter. Get the vase and the moss arrows from the room in the E, and then head to the room in the W. If you are waiting in the shadow close to the table, the Haunts won't notice you.

Wait that both Haunts are in the entrance room (or follow one of them, if their patrol pattern is split up), and get the holy water and the Serpentyle Torc from the bedroom. Be careful at the chest with the holy water, because the Haunts seem to notice quite well if anyone is fumbling at the lock of this chest.

Leave the bedroom, wait again at the table in the room in the W, and leave the house. If you have done it right, none of the Haunts was ever even slightly alerted.

5.)   Market St.

In Market St. are about 6 Zombies on patrol. They enjoy to help you defeating the Burricks in the E of Market St., so make sure that you get the attention of at least some of the Zombies now. Hurry through Market St., to the E. If you want to watch what it happening now, climb (with a rope arrow) on the beam over the tunnel that leads to the power control of western Cathedral Alley, hop over the street, enter the apartement in the S, and climb from there on the roof in the N. A perfect place to watch the streetfight among Zombies, Burricks, and the Spider. If everything went right, you will have no living creatures left in this area no more after a short while.

Jump back to the street, and get the air potion from the house in the S.

Now clear Market Street: Here are lots of loot hidden in chests, arrows lying around, and also a healing potion and a mine. Be careful if you enter the basement, because in the S of it is now a Fireshadow on patrol (guarding the rope arrows). Be especially careful if you clear the Spider's cave.

Once you have everything, head into the 2nd floor of the house SW of the Watchman's Grave.

6.)   The Watchman's Grave

From the northern window, you can jump easily across the street to the ledge ahead of you. Make it so, pick the door, and enter the area at the Watchman's Grave.

If you climb to the 1rst floor with the help of a rope arrow, the two Spiders will never be alerted (not even when you put the coins on the plate).

Leave with the help of a rope arrow, and hurry out. You can leave the ledge without taking any damages, if you climb firstly on the streetlamp, and from there back to the streets.

7.)   The Cathedral

With all Burricks and the Spider eliminated by your friends, the Zombies, the way to the Cathedral is a piece of cake. Follow the street over the Keeper's Bridge (don't forget to enter the house above the Bridge for the loot).

Maybe there will be a single Burrick be left, who is stuck in the street lamp at the 90 tower, but you can ignore him and run past him to the place infront of the Cathedral. He is not able to follow you into the house past the street lamp.

Douze the torch at the place, get the fire arrows and the gem, and avoid running into the Apparition who patrols here.

Hurry up the stairs, head right, get more fire arrows, and find the northern wall of the Cathedral. Hop onto the ledges, and listen to The Eye.

If you are a roofclimber with a twisted mind, then take the opportunity to train your skill of stacking items. With the help of the 4 ripchests plus 1-2 skulls (all can be found around the Cathedral), you are able to reach the roof of the Cathedral. Have some fun up there, and hop back down.

Now hurry back to the Keeper's Bridge.

8.)   The Keeper's Grotto

Get the rubble from S of the Bridge, and drop it inside of the Keepers's Grotto.

Jump (with the help of another rope arrow) on the metal symbol on the pedestal in the pool, and shoot a fire arrow in the face of the statue. Once both torches are lightened, the secret door will open. Before you enter the Keeper's Building, get the holy water and the healing potion from the pedestal.

When you enter the secret passage, take the rubble with you. Drop the rubble on one of the pedestals infront of the locked and barred door, and hop on the other pedestal. As soon as the door and the gate are open you can hurry in.

The floorplates left and right of you are trapped. If you don't want to collect an endless amount of broadhead arrows (some of the traps aim at the wooden pillars at the walls), then just hurry through this hallway.

The huge floorplate infront of the next door is also trapped. If you don't want to get squitched, pick the door without stepping on the trapped floor tile. Or shoot a rope arrow into the wooden ceiling. Or step on the trapped floor tile, and haste yourself while picking the lock.

However, past this door you see two more doors. The one to the right is locked and metal, the one to the left is open. Enter it, read the letters, and get the keys. The golden key opens the other door, and once you have read the red book in there, the mission will end.

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